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Or hip waders that allow lousy fly fishermen to sneak up on unsuspecting trout and grab them with their bare hands.
These waders feed on minnows in shallow water by using their bills to perform a rare and effective fishing technique.
Polyandry is largely confined to fish and birds, especially waders and shorebirds.
It was me, my dad, and my brother that were brave enough to wear waders out in the river.
Shorebirds, waders and ducks are common, as are native cardinals and mockingbirds.
Bird-watching enthusiasts will also find a number of other species, including water waders and woodpeckers, peppering the island.
However, you may need to bring your own fly rod and waders.
For some, the ideal fishing trip is fly-casting while standing a cold stream in hip waders.
The new materials also are appearing in mountaineering boots, fishing waders, and thermal underwear.
Then he put on his waders, walked away from the bacterial soup, and went down to the river and out to the rock.
Have extra waders and boots that are used only in infested waters.
On the other hand, if you need fishing waders to get across, the stream is probably draining a square mile or more of land.
Any dark color pants will work, since they will be mostly covered by waders or boots.
Have extra waders and boots for use in infested waters only.
Be sure that the solution completely penetrates thick, absorbent items such as felt-soled waders and wading boots.
Park fish are vulnerable to several invasive organisms that can be carried on waders and other gear.
Please dry and sterilize your waders and other gear before leaving the lake or using it in another water.
Be sure that the solution completely penetrates thick absorbent items such as felt-soled waders and wading boots.
Please thoroughly clean mud and vegetation from waders, boats and fishing gear.

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At closing time would go In waders and peaked cap Into the showery dark, A dole-kept breadwinner But a natu... more
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