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Example sentences for waddle

Granted, on land-where they seldom are-albatrosses walk with a spatula-footed, head-wagging waddle.
Their short legs and flat-footed gait makes them appear to waddle when they walk.
His dancers waddle, with torsos torqued and arms spread, and then extend a pointed leg and pause.
Their synchronized waddle could have caused the bridge to oscillate, leading even more of them to tread in tandem.
Tell your insignificant other to waddle on over to the newsstand and buy something glossy.
Up to a dozen local birds are kept here temporarily before being allowed to waddle back to the wild.
On land, gentoos are slowpokes, sticking out their tails and sweeping them back and forth when they waddle.
On land, they waddle and toboggan across the ice-sliding on their bellies, and propelling themselves with their flippers.
Don't forget to also waddle, run, and swim using feathers as some birds do.
Savvy online kids may be ditching their penguin waddle for a monkey jump.
His left leg arched out a tad to the side as he swung it forward, producing a tipsy waddle.

Famous quotes containing the word waddle

Old and fat, I waddle, gasping, up the beckoning path of lust.... more
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