wacky in a sentence

Example sentences for wacky

It was a wonderful, wacky, crazy-quilt dream as long as as it lasted.
Because of this media failure, wacky alternative theories about the cause of climate change are on the increase.
That's where you learn all those wacky ideas about evolution.
No conspiracy theories, no wacky illogical prejudices, nothing.
The theories range from highly speculative to completely wacky, and none of the them have had much success.
In some cases, it can even stand up to bizarre translations and wacky adaptations.
They are wacky and inspiring in their wild combinations with neon makeup howling into the microphone.
Sinbad offers some unusual advice on how to make friends in this wacky comedy.
Jennings has written a bunch of other kids' books, many of which are about animals, and he has a pretty wacky sense of humor.
It's wacky stuff, but no weirder than a lot of other science.
Military researchers have poured blood, sweat, tears and taxpayer dollars into all sorts of wacky experiments.
Not one student in a hundred will ever even wonder who the author is, let alone investigate his wacky beliefs.
It is not characterized by baseless, wacky conspiracy theories about worldwide plots by mainstream science.
Books are consigned to stores, which is a wacky way to distribute anything.
We'll discuss the wacky, the wonderful and everything in between in the auto world.
And some wacky mortgage products led to foreclosures when borrowers couldn't afford them after payments reset.
Most of those mortgages based on wacky new products or provided to borrowers with flawed credit backgrounds began going bad.
Well, welcome to the wacky world of neutrino astronomy, where down is up and up is down and occasionally the twain do meet.
Geneticists spike some of their really wacky gene names.
The heart monitor showed a slightly better pattern, but still too many wacky beats.
Its propounders certainly make some wacky claims surrounding the significance of their findings.
Point being that out of all this pain came reams of incredibly wry, wacky, twisted stuff.
Her unconventional way of using makeup and wacky hairstyles are enough to cause a sensation.
No matter how wacky something was, it always had some amazing benefit.
It's home to the understated, and the wacky, and you often find them right next to each other on the sidewalk.
She was a little deaf and a slightly wacky but she had a twinkle about her.
There is a steeply sloping hill with, near the bottom, a tree growing out at a wacky angle.
It seems wacky because you'd think he had enough, that he'd done enough.
Actually, considering that literature is rife with some wacky moms, you may not want to suggest any comparisons.
Before you know it, you'll be tapping into your own weirdness and coming up with wacky and wonderful ideas.
Incessant high pitched, screeching wacky-wack calls.
Our wacky summer is coming to a close with autumn weather well underway.
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