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Words that are vulgar or offensive, or refer to unsavory topics.
As common today as it is, vulgar language has been around since the evolution of language.
But he is too creative and original a thinker to be surrendered to the vulgar stereotypes of his enemies.
Despite their vulgar display, their beckoning rainbow of color, they are barren.
Our traditional-aged students are being raised and a relatively vulgar society.
Many people in the chess world considered the contest vulgar.
Our priest said that he didn't go for the vernacular because it was vulgar.
But in those days it was-it had the quality of a vulgar fairy land.
It can be from the transformative to the mundane and vulgar.
What is meant to be easy and sprightly is vulgar and flippant, as in the first two pages.
It includes slapstick violence and a few mildly vulgar words.
In other words, he has employed an imagery as vulgar as the slang of the tavern can make it.
When it is looked upon as vulgar, it will cease to be popular.
The vulgar herd estimate friendship by its advantages.
It did not have the good-bad taste to be called vulgar, which would have been acceptable.
Artistic friendships, he claimed, were more precious to him than vulgar shows of patriotism.
They see a slippery slope towards a vulgar, market-driven industry, sacrificing centuries of craftsmanship.
The profit motive-however ugly, sleazy or vulgar-unleashed the caged talents of millions of entrepreneurs.
Many football fans also seem to think that the sacred rituals of a football match should be protected from vulgar commerce.
Some of the youthful callers seem at first to be vulgar pranksters, out to make mischief with inane jokes and naughty language.

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