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Example sentences for voyage

Your journey could be an unbelievable cosmic voyage.
Journey into the depths of outer space in this five-disc voyage throughout the cosmos.
So with those last thoughts, it's time to say bon voyage.
But an east-west voyage offers a more expansive and more reflective experience.
The notes in these books represent another kind of voyage.
If and when humans ever voyage beyond the moon, and they look back, this is what they'll see.
Before the explorers could start their voyage of discovery, they needed a name.
We cannot know for sure how many boats have departed and been lost without trace during the voyage.
They said it was unsinkable, yet ice sunk it on its maiden voyage.
In fact they probably shaped his scientific approach as much as anything on the voyage.
As a ship's voyage progressed, the course came to be marked down in a book that was called a log.
Rickover directed me to proceed with the simulated voyage.
Caught later, during its voyage upstream, the fish's color will be off and the fat stores depleted.
The only inconvenience to be apprehended was that of a longer voyage than had been anticipated.
They would need five days and four nights to complete the return voyage.
When he finally made the voyage back across the ocean, his fellow colonists had disappeared.
And if a voyage was successful, the crew divvied up the profits, which could be considerable.
It was more than time to prosecute his purposed voyage.
No, sooth, sir: my determinate voyage is mere extravagancy.
To weigh anchor is to lift it from its moorings, so that the ship may start on her voyage.
Thus was the vessel of puritanism wrecked on its first trial voyage, in the teeth of the winds of tradition and authority.
She felt it was the process of the voyage that had made the difference.
Eleven turtles equipped with satellite transmitters are on a voyage of scientific discovery.
Suppose you went full speed on all legs of the voyage.
After a six-month voyage, it landed precisely on target and began performing nearly flawlessly.
On this creative and intelligently designed voyage, the theme was evolution.
These sick birds, in turn, might not voyage quite as far a field as healthier fowl.
Sending a bon voyage basket to someone who is going on a cruise is a thoughtful way to send them off in style.
For a voyage with eight ports, the minimum is five excursions.
It was unusual to have invited him on a maiden voyage with a freshly trained crew.
And those missions require no spectacular physical efforts midway through the voyage.
Other mini-robots have been designed to take a voyage into the body.
Some spent all night working out the kinks for this maiden off-road voyage.
Experiments, by definition, are a voyage into the unknown.
To make matters worse, someone else in his village has undertaken the same voyage before him--with tragic consequences.

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