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But the danger which arises from ignorance in the voter can not be denied.
For two cents the voter buys his politics, prejudices, and philosophy.
The voter gets to vote by pressing one of these buttons.
The premise: a more informed voter is a wiser voter.
To voters who identify strongly with a political party, the undecided voter is almost an alien life form.
Overall, this system seems to me to do its utmost to disconnect the voter from the consequence of his checked ballot paper.
In the back of the book, each voter's top ten list was reproduced and accompanied by a photo.
Humbly, he weeps not for himself but for the suffering voter.
What will change is that the money will be more thinly spread, lessening its impact per relevant voter.
They eat pizza, drink beer, and discuss voter education and outreach.
In their scheme of things, each voter would take home a photocopy of a randomly selected ballot cast by someone else.
But it can make campaign literature less insulting to the voter, particularly the younger skeptic.
As a voter, the only benefit is to meaningfully participate in the primaries.
They also worry that by loosening procedures for voter registration the government is opening the door to fraud.
One result is that voter turnout has fallen almost everywhere.
The typical elected representative is nine-times wealthier than the typical voter.
It would require voter approval for land use changes.
Voter registration efforts have been haphazard, and currently only half of potential voters are even registered.
With every election cycle comes new methods of determining voter preferences.
Proponents say the laws will help prevent voter fraud and will hold down the cost of elections.
When you want to have an educated voter population, it's not going to be there.
For all the millions that are poured into electoral campaigns, a voter's choice can be influenced by the subtlest of signals.
Knowing this helps a voter better predict the candidate's behavior in office, were she to be elected.
They fully expect to obtain their power through a studied reliance on voter ignorance and apathy.
But if you can cripple a voter's basic trust in a candidate, you can probably turn his vote.
Sure you get lots of great science but the average voter doesn't care about that.
The voter then checks both machines to insure that their data matches that stored at each machine.
Variable sense of civic duty affects voter turnout.
But there are several voting systems the brain can use which can produce differing results from the same voter base.
The effect of their positions on tax policy, capitalism and national defense are far more consequential to this voter.
Surveys seek to ferret out voter sentiments on issues that might affect voting.
He is suing the state to prevent any interpretive liberties taken with voter intent within the write-in candidate field.
The court said online voting could encourage voter coercion.
Perhaps, given the vast increases in voter registration and the shift in party identification, that is precisely what will happen.
Whether real-time impressions actually determine a voter's final perception of a debate, much less their vote, is questionable.
Irregularities refer to flaws in the voting process itself regardless of voter behavior.
It isolates the uncommitted voter-that rare and mutant species-upon whom to shower your attentions.
They're not always so dogged or creative when the interests of a mere voter are at stake.
Information about checking voter registration status.
The information each voter will view is supplied and maintained at the county level.
Voter registration lists and files are available to the public.
Monthly voter registration statistics are available at the party, precinct, and district level.
They sent a second notice to every registered voter.

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