volunteerism in a sentence

Example sentences for volunteerism

Looking around the office, he attempted to divine who could help the company move from volunteerism to profitability.
The entire promotion-and-tenure system-which depends on altruistic volunteerism-would collapse.
All community partners will benefit as a shared destiny is forged through volunteerism and community service.
It is also a city of civic engagement with more volunteerism than any city in the country.
Community involvement and volunteerism should increase voluntarily.
And a spirit of volunteerism and fund-raising pervades the sail-training scene.
Any number of people are perfectly capable of doing feel-good segments on volunteerism.
Critics also question the administration's faith in volunteerism.
More people are taking an early detour from the corporate world into volunteerism.
Group hopes to renew post-9/11 spirit of volunteerism.
The event succeeds because of the enormous outpouring of volunteerism that takes place each year.
It produced an amazing tale of charity and volunteerism.
The singer testified to the committee at a hearing on how to encourage national service and volunteerism.
With abundant free time and a yearning to give back to their communities, seniors are well-known for their volunteerism.
Typically, travel activities involve volunteerism or economic support for local communities.
There is a growing spirit of volunteerism and service in this country.
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