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The voluntary accreditation program is another step in the increasing professionalization of those agencies, experts.
These agreements encourage landowners to take voluntary steps towards restoring and maintaining the habitat of rare species.
It originally stated that the mice had regained voluntary movement.
Their actions seemed to involved less voluntary control than the control group's.
Many of the cuts came from voluntary reductions in pay and benefits as the economy whittled away at campus budgets.
At a pragmatic level, you can't run government functions on voluntary donations because voluntary donations aren't sustainable.
Participation in the project is of course purely voluntary.
Prior to voluntary behavior lies a conscious intention.
It's that odd bit of hand-holding that is totally voluntary.
The voluntary program is another step in the increasing professionalization of those agencies, experts say.
Blood donors are stalwarts of the voluntary sector, and rich countries with advanced medical systems rely on them.
Anthropologists believe these indigenous people are living in voluntary isolation from the rest of the world.
Voluntary agreement enables rating of hydroelectric impacts.
Others have questioned whether voluntary measures are enough to protect homeland security.
Midterm student surveys, in contrast, are completely voluntary.
Few distinguish between a system of quotas and a voluntary approach that relies on peer pressure and self-interest.
In the drilling safety rule, the government sought to codify some of the voluntary industry standards that already existed.
Phobias, panic attacks and obsessions are caused by intrusions of the hidden drives into voluntary behavior.
It attacks the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord, affecting the neurons that control voluntary muscle movement.
These organizations cannot function without the voluntary time that people all over put into their work.
Membership of a pension plan can be mandatory or voluntary.
We have voluntary control over our breathing, which is unique among apes, and a necessity for speech.
Previously approved vacation will be allowed where voluntary rescheduling is not feasible.
So a state-run but voluntary body was set up to market their crops collectively and get better prices.
The standards are worthy but have one problem: as they stand, they would be voluntary.
Voluntary individual pensions are spreading around the developed world.
The blowhole is a flap of skin that is thought to open and close under the voluntary control of the animal.
It has no mandatory scheme, but many companies are participating in a voluntary one.
It is hoped that the spraying will encourage other coca farmers to agree to voluntary eradication schemes.
So the government has reached a voluntary agreement with large retailers and food producers.
Other voluntary trading experiments are producing positive results.
The prime minister recently spoke warmly of charitable and voluntary bodies innovating public services in their communities.
So you can rarely be sure that the money that ends up in the pockets of the rich got there by way of voluntary transactions alone.
For now, labeling of both genetically modified and organic foods is strictly voluntary.
He began by posting them on an obscure cell-phone site he started and made reader payment voluntary.
The decision to wear a wristband is purely voluntary.
What's more, these figures actually understate the total wetlands preserved through voluntary efforts.
There will always be resistance by parents to have subsidized medications replace the option for education and voluntary controls.
But experience also shows that responding to severe droughts with voluntary efforts alone is not enough.
They also argue that monetary rewards can be used to improve the public and voluntary sectors.
Entrepreneurship is reshaping the voluntary sector as much as the private one.
Currently, they are guided by a voluntary code that aims to tackle potential conflicts of interest.
They convey impulses to the voluntary muscles, and are continuous from their origin to their peripheral distribution.
The pathway for voluntary motor impulses is probably similar to that for the abducent nerve.
It would be a voluntary system, and everyone would win.
In my experience, this mutually voluntary risk is rarely a source of resentment on the part of fixers.
Not enforcing voluntary agreements leads to uncertainty.
Of course, for many people longer hours are not voluntary-they have to work more merely to make ends meet.
Both the flight from the land and the flight from domestic service were voluntary.
Faculty expressed concern about whether submitting material would be mandatory or voluntary and about related time constraints.
Totalitarianism implies the voluntary and unconditional acceptance of ideas and directives emanating from above.
None of the administration's retreats was voluntary.
Cocaine changes the brain only after voluntary use.
The voluntary military service has concentrated these people in combat positions.
Voluntary or involuntary population control is the solution.
Our industry is committed to safety and implementing the strongest voluntary standard that is feasible.
First, it needs to solve a problem to which there is no voluntary or non-coercive solution.
GM could soon follow if efforts to hammer out a voluntary restructuring fail.
On top of that, voluntary outfits outnumber governments on the partnership's committee.
But private equity itself is having to respond to public pressure by agreeing to voluntary codes of transparency.
The scheme is voluntary, but the poor are visibly enthusiastic about it.
Large-scale voluntary write-downs look unlikely-they surely would have happened by now.
It is a voluntary body, which proprietors have left when it offends them.
He feels that applying such insights to the public and voluntary sectors will spread productivity increases across society.
Until then health insurance had been essentially a voluntary affair.
Voluntary muscles are those that are under your control.
One possibility could be voluntary labeling by those who sell the fish.
And others argue that prisoners are simply unable to make a truly voluntary consent.
Unintentional weight loss is a decrease in body weight that is not voluntary.
Certainly, everything possible should be done to spur voluntary contributions, but limited financial incentives are worth trying.
So far, lawmakers have stressed voluntary efforts by lenders to help consumers in danger of losing their homes.
It would allow the opportunity for a voluntary contribution to reduce the national debt.
Many employers offer voluntary group life insurance policies.
But the process is voluntary, and many officials don't participate.
If you meet one of the following sets of requirements, you may be eligible for a voluntary immediate retirement benefit.

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