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Some brands are already voluntarily stating they are clone-free.
The literate, educated and financially well-off people have voluntarily adopted small family norm.
Orders of the government prohibited the expulsion of the negroes from the protection of the army, when they came in voluntarily.
Some people, for the expiation of their sins, voluntarily exposed themselves to the fury of those demons.
But he will not do it voluntarily, however you may entreat him.
Frantic appeals were made to the people to come in voluntarily and swell the ranks of our foe.
Each voluntarily provided information on their geographical origin and religious affiliation.
Some companies have voluntarily disclosed the chemicals they use.
People of different races may be voluntarily or forcibly segregated into different neighborhoods.
Better fisheries management, of course, but it's rare that fishers voluntarily reduce catches.
Further, those who seek accreditation do so voluntarily.
Both colleges voluntarily agreed to change their policies, cutting short the department's investigations.
For one, they can encourage students to voluntarily disclose any mental-health concerns.
Although some college boards have voluntarily adopted the principles of the law, that's simply not enough.
She went to it voluntarily and stayed in it, voluntarily, with the door left open long past any reason for it.
They have done searches themselves, and they have seen junior faculty leave either voluntarily or involuntarily and get jobs.
But many voluntarily embraced expansion-sometimes even blindly.
The long term adjuncts are all already participating in service work, by the way, voluntarily.
Students less geared for the study of law do not voluntarily leave after the first semester as happened in prior generations.
Students voluntarily posted their comments in public space.
Maybe that's why so many stars voluntarily commit themselves to rehab centers.
It is a typical meeting for the narrative oncology group, which has met voluntarily twice a month for three years.
Then voluntarily opt out of using the new technology once it becomes convenient to use.
Such measures need no new technology, investment or laws, as members of the public could apply the speed limit voluntarily.
Population will be controlled either voluntarily or nature will control it for us.
Either they do it voluntarily or it isn't going to happen.
Of course, it'd have to be mandated by a public referendum, since the government will never voluntarily fix itself.
Perhaps, but some of these firms have voluntarily raised margin requirements on many shares.
The owners of exotic beasts are unlikely to surrender their pets voluntarily.
But some advertising agencies have voluntarily moved away from billing by the hour and towards contracts that reward value.
One provincial governor proposes a programme to get people to return voluntarily.
If they will not criticise him voluntarily, he says, he will have to legislate to put an end to this dreadful self-censorship.
Developers contribute voluntarily, and share code freely.
If people do not voluntarily buy their products, they go bankrupt.
The company voluntarily withdrew all bottles with defective gas.
Regardless of need, the city also has a well-established reluctance to give up property voluntarily.
The new arrangements will now be phased in more slowly and voluntarily, which is reasonable.
Colleges and universities participate voluntarily and have control over the distribution of results.
In other words, what one power wanted, the other would never voluntarily concede.
If any information is provided by an applicant, it is done so voluntarily.
It seems unlikely that industry will do so voluntarily-there is simply too much money at stake.
These were teenagers who were voluntarily reading and writing to each other.
If fusion engines really would revolutionize the world, then investors will voluntarily risk their money there.
Even in the cities they have returned voluntarily to the veil.
Of course, monarchs are not known for voluntarily giving up power.
Better yet, students who voluntarily contract to be in a special section are especially motivated.
But the benefits of tax transparency might be lost if a parallel movement to voluntarily reveal taxes paid took root.
If citizens wanted national defense, he said, they could band together and contract for it voluntarily.
They did so voluntarily, even before the subprime craze.
Any muscle that you can voluntarily control is affected.
They could not get consumers to purchase them voluntarily.
Additionally, the gas company voluntarily set up water treatment.
We are voluntarily abdicating our leadership, our drive, to other countries.
Now it can of course be stopped by statute or even by stopping voluntarily.
Taken before a disciplinary committee, he was told he could leave the university voluntarily or be expelled.
That's in addition to the growing number who enlist voluntarily.
But the founders disagree, saying users voluntarily hand over their log-in details.
Meanwhile, some retailers are voluntarily restricting sales.
The organization had begun its testing program voluntarily, in order to avoid state regulation, which now seems inevitable.
Believing that the struggle was at home and not abroad, he voluntarily surrendered.
We rather voluntarily give up a part of or the whole of our bodies than to inflict a damage on the lives of our brothers.

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