voluminous in a sentence

Example sentences for voluminous

But after four decades of intense, voluminous criticism, literature was generally exhausted of new scholarly inquiry.
Instead, you get voluminous amounts of recycled ideas rife with the latest buzz words and fad getting approved.
Get back to me when you've read the voluminous reports of our best scientists, and tell me what they really say.
Her skirt was of voluminous white, puffed and trimmed in wondrous sort.
He turned over his voluminous notes and private papers, his correspondence and journals.
She stepped behind the cardboard voting screen, and opened the voluminous ballot paper, carefully scrolling down.
It frees office space formerly consumed by voluminous filing cabinets thus reducing costs.
Paper filing systems can become voluminous, and are not cost effective to duplicate or distribute.

Famous quotes containing the word voluminous

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We now demand the light artillery of the intellect; we need the curt, the condensed, the pointed, the readily diffusedâ€... more
It is better that, as scholars, They should think hard in the dark cuffs Of voluminous cloaks, And shave th... more
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