volcanic ash in a sentence

Example sentences for volcanic ash

Thanks to fine volcanic ash, however, this spider was squashed without breaking up its delicate exoskeleton.
The pristine fossil pictured in these photos was probably created when the spider was trapped in volcanic ash.
Volcanic ash is formed during explosive volcanic eruptions.
And the layers of volcanic ash built up over millennia dampen any shaking.
And layers of volcanic ash built up over millennia dampen any shaking.
Volcanic ash does not mix well with jet engines, hence the disruption.
Researchers also use the application to display the movement of volcanic ash clouds, which can pose a serious threat to airplanes.
As the wind has shifted the plume has changed direction, covering vast swaths of land with volcanic ash.
The paparazzi swarm with their cameras, the tourists swarm with their feet, and a cloud of volcanic ash swarms overhead.
The discovery means that many volcanic ash plumes might be electrified, which could have implications for the air-travel industry.
The skull turned out to be part of a complete skeleton embedded in volcanic ash.
Everyone in an ash fall zone will be exposed to the effects of volcanic ash.
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