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Temperature that's warm enough to keep us comfortable will release the volatile oils in tender herb leaves.
These plants are a type of mint and produce a host of volatile oils and other chemicals.
Federal financing has proved to be extremely volatile, even before this week's ruling.
If you prefer green products, anything fairly volatile is sufficient.
History is a smallish field, hence more volatile, and has recently seen growth in the undergraduate major and hiring.
In such a volatile situation, all kinds of unexpected people make their way into the picture.
The world is mind precipitated, and the volatile essence is forever escaping again into the state of free thought.
The day-light is lit with more volatile light-the deep between the setting and rising sun goes deeper many fold.
And if the heat be greatly increased it dissolves and turns much of their substance to a volatile state.
The art world is wondering how volatile financial markets might affect its own specialized market.
Tactical defense is best strategy in volatile stock market.
The market for collectibles is heating up as investors search for something less volatile to put their money in.
Dispersants are somewhat volatile and some will enter the air.
Those volatile solids are the part of the manure that can be converted to oil.
Police arm themselves with it to defuse volatile situations.
Tank cars ignited and several volatile chemicals burned.
Although these processes do not directly release ozone, they produce nitrogen and volatile organic chemicals.
The daily price of oil depends on many factors, including political stability in historically volatile regions.
Instead of focusing on nuclear subs, scientists are looking at ways to harness the geothermal energy of this volatile land.
Carbonaceous chondrites are known for having relatively high percentages of water and volatile organic compounds.
That's a more uncertain world and therefore one in which markets will be more volatile.
Tells about her volatile relationship with her husband.
Another decade of volatile and upward-trending oil prices, for instance, will be incredibly good for electric-car technology.
And fears of financial contagion have made the markets unnaturally volatile.
Results of rankings can be volatile, so they should be treated with caution.
If central bankers relax, higher, more volatile inflation could easily return.
Yet breakneck expansion is creating strains in the banking system and in regional finances tied to a volatile property sector.
Results of rankings can be notoriously volatile, so they should be treated with caution.
The lure of core inflation as a barometer is that headline inflation rates tend to be volatile.
Both reports correctly point out that as a store of value, the dollar is too volatile.
Although the market extended trading hours, many brokers refused to take orders because share prices were so volatile.
The more species, therefore, the less volatile and unstable the ecosystem.
Dow has reduced its exposure to volatile commodity prices by using long-term contracts.
Individual commodity prices are still highly volatile thanks to speculative demand.
Mining bosses acknowledge that prices may be more volatile as a result of such investment.
Political instability leads to economic instability, which is bad news for the volatile nation's sovereign debt.
They were a potentially volatile combination of contradictions.
They might use paints that have low levels of volatile organic compounds or install cabinets made from rapidly renewable wood.
We are now able to clearly see that prices are rising and they they will continue to be volatile for the next decade.
Tomorrow's multilateral order will be fluid and volatile.
For a police department facing a volatile situation, the bar graphs imposed some semblance of order.
The volatile essences which make literature cannot survive the clich├ęs of a long series of story conferences.
But others often find themselves at the mercy of the weather and of a volatile free market.
The result is a less risky, less volatile investment than any individual junk mortgage bond.
Unfortunately, experts predict more quakes as the country is situated in a seismically volatile zone.
The hazmat team was after a smoking gun--some volatile toxicant that might yet be lurking in the air of the emergency room.
It seems to me that people's political identification is awfully volatile.
Newt has a stack of baggage a light year tall and is volatile and untrustworthy.
Most of the molecules that comprise a food's aroma are volatile, which means they transform into gases easily at room temperature.
The pressure is lowered, so volatile components evaporate.
Were it not so volatile, no burning fluid could be more desirable.
For example, algae in the ocean can control local weather by releasing a volatile compound that helps promote cloud cover.
So far the radioactive contamination has been iodine and cesium with no reports of strontium or other non-volatile elements.
In this case, the sensor triggers a spray can, which sprays a volatile odor through a post when tripped.
As for using hexane as a cleaner, it is more volatile than isopropanol but both are flammable.
He was known to drink to grievous excess, for example, which often turned him volatile and violent.
Many readers have castigated me for heedlessly engaging so volatile a subject without due regard for the sensitivities affected.
Even on the page, and even after more than forty years, it still crackles with volatile energy.
The sensor array consists of colored reactants that are each sensitive to a different group of volatile compounds.
Some of the products of metabolism, called volatile organic compounds, are carried in the breath and can serve as biomarkers.
However, they use liquid electrolytes that are volatile and could leak.
But there's a big problem: natural gas is volatile and expensive to transport.
The value of the currency has been tremendously volatile over the past year.
It's tempting to imagine that this extra information would have a calming effect on otherwise volatile markets.
And from that volatile combination-rather than from basic research itself-leaps the spark of discovery.
Conventional piston engines are little more than steam engines which use a volatile liquid to expand air when it's ignited.
As a result, the digesters are a good way to collect and use the volatile gas as a fuel.
For half that time the sun heats the cabin, causing objects to off-gas, releasing volatile chemicals offensive to mammalian noses.
They have an unconventional, sometimes volatile, exceedingly complicated marriage.
Alas, the inks were so volatile that they were guaranteed to fade away, as the unfortunate recipients would eventually discover.
While auction prices for fresh fish are more volatile, there is little difference in the bids for the fresh and for the frozen.

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