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Geckos also became the only lizards with voices, which they use to communicate.
Hilarious celebrity voices keep you laughing all the way to your destination.
Internal low-cut filter cuts out low frequency sounds and clarifies human voices accurately.
Humans and many primates clearly recognize individual voices, a capacity considered fundamental for rich social lives.
If you're a parent, and especially if you're a geek parent, you've probably made your share of funny voices.
As daylight gradually crept in through the windows, the backyard of our farmhouse exploded with voices.
Admissions deans are often called upon to be the voices of reason in the college-application process.
As a consequence, the only voices that are being heard are those of her accusers.
In the meantime, major voices are weighing in on the case.
Users can choose from several human voices and set a speed at which the text will be read.
Colleges face a challenge to masculinity that bulging muscles, rumbling voices, and jacked-up pickup trucks won't remedy.
But out of the confusion of many voices rises an understanding of dominant public need.
At this point, the voices on the newly revealed recordings are unknown.
The great thing about spoken word is how it adapts itself so well to many different causes and voices.
On they went for two hours, their movements and voices swelling in intensity.
The three of us were headed down the mountain when two voices came over the police scanner.
Computers have great trouble deciphering voices that are speaking simultaneously.
Part of their appeal as pets is their ability to sing lower notes than smaller birds and so better reproduce human voices.
He hears voices, sees things and he talks to those voices.
One of the symptoms of schizophrenia is having sensory illusions such as hallucinations or hearing voices.
Vowels are lingered over, phrases are repeated in high-pitched voices, and questions carry exaggerated inflections.
Dismissing them because of what the voices in my head say.
But these global voices are being silenced at a frightening rate.
Now is the time to speak out for those lost voices smothered behind iron.
Improvements in text-to-speech technology promise to expand the way synthetic voices are used.
True, prominent shareholders have been raising their voices recently.
The result is both an engrossing sampler of the city's many literary voices and an informal survey of its rich cultural history.
Voices are being openly raised about the need for more trustworthy government.
In the trading pits, towering ex-athletes with booming voices had an edge.
Social media is disaggregating the body politic into a million noisy voices.
But their voices have been strangely absent from the narrative this cycle.
The old-timers tell me that the continuous sound of voices will keep the raccoons at bay.
It moves between tenses and voices, times and places, nightmares and dreams with improbable ease.
Madmen in authority, who hear voices in the air, are distilling their frenzy from some academic scribbler of a few years back.
Perhaps it's the grief in the voices of the onlookers.
After a year or so, he was hearing voices on the television talking directly to him.
We think the more voices, ideas and media the better.
It begins with a chaotic soundscape of voices and percussion on quadraphonic tape.
Their music is deceptively complex, despite its simple components of two voices, two guitars.
The system combines a search of a text transcript of the announcers' voices with a search for visual elements in the video.
We can hear the electronically preserved voices of people long dead, as well as a universe of sounds unlike anything in nature.
Paid versions let companies coordinate multiple users and voices, and provide a longer data history.
Nearly a dozen voices--both travelers and local alumni--added theirs.
He hears voices, and he suffers from hallucinations and delusions.
However their voices are often unheeded, and economics continues to labor under a cloud.
We're really looking to get a lot of voices involved in the conversation, and this will be a big help.
But a few voices have been trying to wake the town up.
As the voices grow, he hides behind a rock and listens.
He's the latest object of anger for the rising revolutionary voices, and it may cost him dearly.
And the restaurant was silent-no music, nobody raising their voices.
His desire was to have no dissenting or even alternative voices on his watch.
Their faces faded around their voices until only their voices were left, telling the story.
Literature is the expression of nuance and contrariness against the voices of simplification.
It was because in those days the king was the one who listened to the voices, as the representative of the people.
It requires paying attention to which voices are and are not heard in societies.
And yet when people in higher education talk about its condition and its prospects, doom is often in their voices.
He suffered from insomnia, heard imaginary voices, had nightmares and anxiety attacks.
As it is, powerful voices in the church are less convinced of the heroic virtue of his acts in life.

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