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Example sentences for voiceless

Thank-you for giving voice to the voiceless presence in the world for the overlooked and form to our hunger a deep bow to you sir.
If that were the case then they would no longer be voiceless.
Her mission, give voice to the voiceless, especially those displaced by the multi-million dollar redevelopment of the projects.
And knowing a voiced dental fricative from a voiceless aspirated alveolar stop is so basic.
There is an audience for your humor because you give a voice to the too-often voiceless.
There's a wildcat mounted in a tree, and below it three wolves chorusing their voiceless howls.
Half the population was chattel or other property: invisible, enveloped, and voiceless.
That's our responsibility: to become the voice of the voiceless.
It would help put gender violence on the global agenda, and it would give a bit of our voice to help the voiceless.
She made her voiceless state a decision, a matter of will, and not a disease or a mystery.

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