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No one is sure who first voiced the green idea, because it occurred to many people simultaneously.
Similar fears have been voiced about future babysitting robots.
The voiced that launched a million nervous giggles came through the receiver and lit up the room.
Here you will see species such as the cottonmouth snake, the southern leopard frog, and the bird-voiced tree frog.
They blew trumpets and set the loudest voiced of the heroes to call out to those upon the island.
Professors immediately voiced concerns that the information would be used to incorrectly gauge their efficiency on the job.
The organization has in the past voiced opposition to such an office.
Amid all of this discussion, the opinion that internationalization may be unwise altogether is rarely voiced.
These ideas are not new, not unique to me and have been voiced by others for over a decade.
Never the type to hold back, academics have forcefully voiced their feelings about the regulations.
They were aghast at how difficult it was to put up and voiced their doubts about how well it would hold up.
It was he who voiced in favor of protection of science from all kinds of discrimination and subjugation.
Voiced or not, addressed or not, the problem of overpopulation has not gone away.
No less significant were his genial, gravel-voiced vocals, which laid the foundation for all subsequent pop singing.
But a small band of dissenters has voiced objections.
Clinicians voiced firm affinity for their traditional gowns.
One factor, the executive said, was that a prominent columnist had voiced chagrin about fewer people reading his work.
One frustration voiced in that paper is the extreme speed of these weather outbursts.
Reuters first publicized his results last week but provided none of the skepticism being voiced by veterans in the field.
And one attendee voiced concerns about being emailed by a reader who said he was near her campus and about to stop by her office.
Since that story grabbed headlines, however, some skeptics have voiced concerns about the data and the study's conclusions.
Many protesters voiced doubts whether savings would be ploughed back into new infrastructure as promised.
Such concerns are being voiced with increasing fervour.
The publication also cited a carrier partner who voiced similar concerns about the design.
One couple ended up downwind from the fiery maw of the pizza oven and voiced a desire to move.
Tells about objections voiced against the project, which would be erected in the middle of a vast, desolate wasteland.
The caller wasn't a gravel-voiced tipster or a menacing don.
Most of the criticisms he then voiced have now been expressed as repeatedly and as strongly by those within the fold.
Memories and respect that differ greatly from that voiced here.
The number of those who voiced no preference remained large even late in the campaign.
Concerns voiced by some within the administration find no traction.
He had voiced his objections about filming outside to a staffer shortly before going onto the practice field, records show.
Safety concerns voiced by miner a protected activity, says judge.
Nonetheless, a couple of significant reservations have been voiced to us, both by writers on this blog and others.
If you feel your position is based on solid ground what is wrong with opposing views being voiced, or even taught.
Your comments, voiced in such a crazed manner, will not help you.

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