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Hoarseness is having difficulty producing sound when trying to speak, or a change in the pitch or quality of the voice.
Read the reviews, then head to the forums to voice your opinion.
Spoken language through a voice synthesizer is coming soon.
His voice was once melodious, his breath effortlessly powering a pinwheel of adjectives.
Place the emphasis in your voice on the nouns, verbs, and key concepts of a sentence.
Communicating, by voice or any other means, will be free.
In the wild, though, their calls may go much higher in pitch and much faster in tempo than any human tutor's voice.
People were spoken about and displayed as if they were specimens of a type without a voice of their own.
He whooped into the sky, listening to his voice bounce back from the cliffs.
While voice recognition in some areas of technology has advanced, automobiles have been limited to basic commands.
The brown-backed, speckle-breasted, eight-inch wood thrush only looks drab-all of his beauty is concentrated in his voice.
Although a sweet voice and special scent may complete the package, humans depend largely on vision to identify their partners.
Few things, if any, can be said to be the voice of our entire wonderful country.
Another voice for native plants: defending home base.
His voice has been added to the ongoing dialogue about higher-education quality.
Voice recognition highlights the importance of making use of data exhaust.
The patriarch, technical advisor and all-purpose voice of reason.
He is in a deep, sleeplike trance, oblivious to everything but the hypnotist's soft voice.
Though an amplified voice indicates the machine's importance in the history of science, it rarely draws a crowd.
He traveled farther and wider than before, leaving behind legends of his astonishing voice everywhere he went.
So cease and desist or the next voice you will hear will be that of my attorney.
When he raised his voice during the chorus, the turkeys joined in.
Forgive the sound of my voice on the telephone connection.
So, if you're a dinosaur enthusiast, here's your chance to make your voice heard.
The barricades show, he writes, how people choose and symbolize the way they voice their discontent and collective hopes.
The special challenge of the telephone interview is that you have only your voice to use to convey your collegiality.
But in other parts of the world, voice calling will be allowed.
Then the wolf went away to a shopkeeper and bought himself a great lump of chalk, ate this and made his voice soft with it.
As is usually the case, the oppressed do not have a voice.
Changes the whole experience with the different voice.
What's more, the marine mammals can recognize individual names even when the sound is produced by an unfamiliar voice.
They anticipated that the birds' neurons would respond strongest to their own individual voice.
But that voice is saying, or implying, more than one thing at a time.
Her lovely voice carries out over the field to a group of stretching athletes.
Bizarrely, even as she flailed uncontrollably, her voice remained calm and confident.
Her large, dark eyes narrowed then, and her gentle voice acquired an edge.
Researchers are decoding the brain to give a voice and a hand to the paralyzed-and to learn how it controls our movements.
From inside the walls, a voice tells people when to get out of bed.
His voice turns gravelly as bawdy humor infuses the colorful tale of a salty dog long married to the sea and its adventures.
Their paper reveals that there is much more to eliciting a nod than simply lowering the pitch of the voice and pausing.
Savvy, satirical and fluent in pop culture, this voice also uses self-deprecation to inoculate against criticism.
Write a journal entry in the voice of the archaeologist and include a sketch of your artifact.
So she poured out the liquid music of her voice to quench the thirst of his spirit.
Today if ye will hear his voice, harden not your hearts, as in the provocation.
Still more interesting to her, however, is the authorial voice one hears in the manuscripts.
Differences between ways of producing vowels, such as creaky voice or breathy voice.
Where their ranges overlap, the two species are best identified by voice.
Everything about her is delicate: her smile, her gentle manner, and her soft voice.
If you don't let that voice of yours be heard, it's almost a vote to let the coral reefs die.
If you can't carry a tune, your voice might need weight training.
Normally, the success of a speech depends in considerable part on the speaker's voice and presence.
Machines that respond to your touch, motion or voice are making keyboards obsolete.
It is the voice of a writer in a vacuum, who seems almost robotic, lifeless or empty.
You'll look mildly ludicrous holding this giant smartphone up to your ear, but voice performance is decent.
Arguably, the louder the voice of the street, the quieter the voice of parliament.
The clear leader was voice-data convergence, followed by fixed-mobile convergence and telecoms-media convergence.
In some sessions there was a sense of a new voice emerging.
They had much more trouble, however, imitating the same note with their own voice.
For a long time the goal was to integrate voice, video and data by carrying them on the same copper wires.
Now swipe down the page with two fingers to make the software start reading the book to you, out loud, with a synthesized voice.
His voice rises, a crescendo of persuasion, a clarion for the cause.
As to that, it was the sound quality of the voice-over that was off, not the narrator's voice.
He looks vaguely familiar in profile, but the voice really nails it.
Voice requires a pretty good quality of service, so there's not latency or jitter on the packets as they go through.
And it too must voice its responses in the form of a question.
We encourage readers and bloggers to join us, publicize, and speak out in a growing collective voice for those who cannot.
Tamara, a nervous chain- smoker, had a shrill voice.
Cell phones that can store digital voice memos have been on the market for years.
Voice recognition that finally holds up its end of a conversation is revolutionizing customer service.
But something deeper and more universal has been achieved: voice.
His voice is mellifluous and folksy, his cadence slow and thoughtful.
Fashions photonic circuits that could speed voice and data to homes.
It's the visual voice mail, co-developed with their mobile-phone partner, that allows random access to voice mail.
The startup company's software can perform all sorts of useful tasks based on simple voice or text commands.
She said it five, maybe six times, in a small but steady voice that only the people kneeling next to her could hear.
In fact, he's chatty and thoughtful, with the dulcet speaking voice and gentle mien of a divinity student.
It may have started small, but our voice is growing louder.
And that sort of smoky, whiskey voice gave her a certain kind of toughness, mystery.
Maybe now, after the shock of a professional setback, you'll be able to come up with a voice to match it.
The independent software developer wanted to get his voice out-unexpurgated.
He can do everything, and he has an absolutely brilliant voice.
He was tall, with a crew cut, and his voice was raspy from years of inhaling smoke from fires and cigarettes.
The writer taught there for ten years, by fits and starts finding his voice as a composer.
There's something about hearing a director's voice that gets to the heart of the movie-going experience.
With his energy and his voice pitched too high, he is irony's emissary.
He hasn't been a voice-he's a wonderful speaker, but he hasn't used the voice much.
It moves outside her, holding to the structure of her narrative without settling on a dramatic equivalent for her voice.
They were talking in a low voice, though no one else was in the room.
Welch's range is not wide and her voice has a mournful, vernacular quality.
But meanwhile a voice is heard above these waters, speaking with precision and in tones of quiet reason.
We also savor the sound of the author's voice, an extraordinary blend of bitter self-denigration and sweet recollection.
Now you're talking about a different voice within the military.

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