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When you're learning a foreign language, it's helpful to have frequent vocabulary reminders for words you have learned.
His charm, however, and his sizable vocabulary inspired people to help him.
Use either set when trying to learn a foreign language, to help learn new vocabulary words.
Vocabulary, for instance-older people know more words and understand subtle linguistic distinctions.
Suddenly people are describing the city with a word that, until recently, wasn't even in the local vocabulary: trendy.
We need to know the vocabulary, grammar, and syntax of our language.
To learn a foreign language, it is vital to constantly add to your vocabulary.
People who learn new vocabulary quickly show more activity in the hippocampus.
Apparently our vocabulary lacks sufficient breadth of ways to describe people who are exceptionally good citizens.
No language has a ready-made vocabulary for the needs of mental activity.
The poems' pleasures lie in details where his impeccable ear for language, his huge vocabulary and play of wit are on display.
Since the end of the cold war, human rights has become the dominant moral vocabulary in foreign affairs.
Some won't be able to, because they haven't the vocabulary or the math skills, or they're sleepy from their other jobs.
The size of your world is the size of your vocabulary.
Build your vocabulary with cool words from the magazine.
It's said that a culture is reflected in its vocabulary.
The distinctive vocabulary he evolved was not based on a codified or specific dance technique.
They will acquaint you with the vocabulary and the range of concerns seldom discussed in your graduate seminars.
In many instances the new vocabulary was based upon biblical source words.
Knowledge and vocabulary are plants of slow organic growth.
Apparently she and her party have decided to ban a word from their vocabulary.
Their lives depend on their acute sense of observation, which also explains their exceptionally rich vocabulary.
The video also goes into detail about what happens in each of the four seasons with plenty of vocabulary words.
Surely they have a responsibility to promote good grammar and vocabulary.
The vocabulary is geared more towards pacifying a village than visiting a museum, of course.
Hungarians also have a rich vocabulary of swear words.
The interactive version on the project's website allows users to search through a web of architectural vocabulary.
Even when the facts are clear, the vocabulary may not be.
Apparently it hasn't improved some folks vocabulary.
Then panic about the weird alphabet and all the vocabulary.
There are many in-jokes among the characters and of course a special vocabulary.
Create illustrated vocabulary posters that present the meanings, origins and proper usage of their words and expressions.
The style is completely different than any of her other verbal or written communications, and the vocabulary much more extensive.
Pump up your vocabulary with keywords from our magazine articles.
Repeat the process to teach the other key concept vocabulary.
We ignore the monstrosity of managerial vocabulary too easily.
When you first learn a new vocabulary word, your chance of recalling it will drop quickly.
Pre-teach some vocabulary that may be problematic or address vocabulary questions as they come.
Many of his national positions are on the far side of nuts, but apparently his vocabulary is fine.
Stirring ingredients into your vocabulary does not have to be an ordeal.
She nails college kids' vocabulary without becoming corny.
Colleges used to be filled with individuals who had the maturity and vocabulary skills to find more eloquent ways for expression.
Stirring ingredients into your vocabulary doesn't have to be an ordeal.
These books were written with mostly words of basic vocabulary for kids.
The hermetic critical vocabulary of formalist art criticism is being dusted off and applied to the medium.
It also can expand their vocabulary by helping them visualize and create their own imagery for the topic.
If possible, preteach the vocabulary in activities and lessons.
Long before pre-schoolers have mastered more conventional vocabulary they can rattle off the multisyllabic names of these beasts.
He could apply newly learned concepts to novel situations and often used his limited vocabulary in inventive ways.
They must also be experimenting and improving on their previous efforts, otherwise they would not develop any vocabulary.
It only stands for an unimaginable indescribable root of everything, for want of a more appropriate word in my limited vocabulary.
In fact, the machine has a vocabulary that would make any sommelier jealous.
Musicians wishing to master the instrument still had to learn a new vocabulary of waveforms, oscillators and filters.
Purists complain of its shrunken grammar and vocabulary.
They differ widely in writing and speech, although their vocabulary shows their family ties.
Because it learns as it goes, the program can adapt to the vocabulary and style of its owner.
Amid all this clamour, some of the vocabulary has become mixed up.
In fact, the more it stands out, the less we're likely to add it to our vocabulary.
Some of the words and phrases reached beyond my vocabulary.
Suddenly, they had a vocabulary to describe and understand our relationship.
We don't have the sensory vocabulary to describe what lies beyond this galaxy.
The vocabulary, in particular, is notably dissimilar.
We also see the renascence movement and general national activities increasing its vocabulary to an enormous extent.
Let me ask you to permit a slight change in our nomenclature which will greatly increase the flexibility of our vocabulary.
She had pronounced the word as if it had no more significance than any other in her vocabulary.
No writer ever employed a more variously coloured vocabulary.
If it were only for a vocabulary the scholar would be covetous of action.
There is no affectation of learning, no eccentricity of vocabulary.
Our own ability to describe sounds and the process of hearing is predominantly limited to vocabulary developed for music.
Distill out useful or artful specialized vocabulary and structures.
With less effort, he could play completely normally, but he chose the path of creating music of the moment with a new vocabulary.
The idea that your palate and your vocabulary expand simultaneously might sound felicitous, but there is a catch.
He understood that literature is about telling a story, not showing off your vocabulary.
So the vocabulary and the details were already in my head.
It's important to approach theatre with a humble heart and an appropriate vocabulary.
His own vocabulary of contempt has grown only more poisonously flowery.
Instead, he developed his own unique graphic vocabulary.
They monkeys' repertoire may be rich, but it's still relatively limited and they don't take full advantage of their vocabulary.
The new letters give the potential for--but don't guarantee-- increased richness in the genetic vocabulary.
Vocabulary acquisition for instance, shows lifelong plasticity.
The vocabulary of desire is incomplete, a word is missing.
We have no clue what these phonies who steal physics vocabulary are trying to say.
Not to mention a comprehensive lesson in racing vocabulary.
On his shoulder perched a mynah bird with an extensive vocabulary.
Even the two well-known but uncivilized words ending with u-c-k-e-r were not alien to her vocabulary.
If you want to do a good deed and build your vocabulary, you've come to the right place.

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