vividness in a sentence

Example sentences for vividness

The castle was a double rainbow of mystical vividness.
The bizarreness and vividness of dreams are distinct from normal experience and therefore unlikely to be retrofitted.
Stem-winder somehow has more life in it, more fancy and vividness, than the literal keyless-watch.
If these singers had anything in common, it was vividness.
But it is also best delivered the same way it was discovered, retaining a comparable vividness and play of the emotions.
But e-paper still suffers in comparison to conventional liquid crystal displays in terms of refresh speed and vividness of color.
The hall sounds large and reverberant, and the digital recording has a vividness that is almost intrusive.
And then there was the music, notable for its vividness, its complexity and its movement.
Hence the flash and filigree, the vividness and immediacy of his latest work.
Existing visual quality of the viewpoints was judged by three criteria: vividness, intactness, and unity.
Levels of vividness, unity, and intactness are moderate to high.

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