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In brightly lit, high-contrast settings the camera had difficulty focusing on vividly colored objects.
TO preside over a social hierarchy requires a sharp eye for detail, and this may explain why snobs often write vividly.
The extensive home movies featured in the film show the time and place vividly.
Maya history became a tapestry of precise dates and vividly named personages.
Moreover, it's not so much patently hot as it is vividly seasoned.
Information processing and telecoms witness vividly to the effect of sharp price falls.
The author explains the story so vividly that even the strongest of heart will feel weepy.
It vividly reminded me of my favorite vacation to date.
The story is full of vividly conjured personalities.
The illustrations also vividly portray certain events in the story, making it easier to understand.
There aren't many books that capture the birth of a culture this vividly.
The setting is so vividly described that it makes you want to go and live there.
The movies are often accused of glorifying violence, but they can also convey its horror far more vividly than this book does.
Few have ever described-or lived-the attractions and exhaustions of overindulgence more vividly.
Those of us who were there, and remember the decade vividly, will disagree.
Although some of these books are set in periods and places different from our own, all come vividly alive for the modern reader.
It is dramatic in method, with vividly realized characters who gossip and chat over games of piquet or at the theatre.
The public, once vividly conscious of what prison life is and must be, would not be willing to maintain prisons.
All this was vividly impressed on my observation at my uncle's castle.
Far fewer people than before are getting married, as everyone knows and the chart shows vividly.
The war that led to many a killing was vividly described by this writer and many a commentator.
We immerse the individual in a virtual world to allow him or her to vividly reexperience the episode in a safe and controlled way.
The more vividly you incorporate my comments, the stronger the connection.
In fact, synesthetes often remember the secondary perception more vividly than the primary one.
All the same, his hospital course vividly illustrates the intransigence of the disease.
The descriptions of the impacts are done vividly by people on the ground, in planes, and in space.
But there is one moment he vividly recalls: those famous four seconds.
What you have-what the pictures show, as vividly as any balance sheet-is an organization out of control.
His account of plantation life vividly suggests a life sentence in an uncommonly cruel prison camp.
And yet he vividly remembered the effort of smiling.
In the courtroom, the calculations can be seen in all their cold rationality, and the costs are vividly embodied.
Shorter breathed these days, she can still summon a warm, rich sound and vividly tell a song's story.
McCormick's talent lies in rendering stark facts vividly but not melodramatically.
The fact that you can remember this incident so vividly tells me it was fairly infrequent.
He has vividly captured a moment of national anguish.
Your characters are so real and so vividly rendered that they seem to live on long after the story is finished.
How different countries responded to its arrival vividly illustrated their differing political cultures.
The contrast is brought out vividly by the respective parts which they played in the war which drew them so closely together.
The mortal realities of war must be impressed vividly on every citizen.
These social math examples communicate numerical information vividly, with reference points to provide meaning.
These tornadoes left a lasting impact on the people they affected, and many can vividly recall events of that night.
Vividly illustrated with computer-generated graphics to facilitate comprehension.
The life cycle of salmon vividly expresses the significance of one element within an ecosystem.
Engaging the reader, these images vividly illustrate the history of the emerging city and the lives of its early residents.

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