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Blackened dirt and ashen remains of the wooden posts that supported the structure are as vivid as a campfire put out yesterday.
Allow these feelings to become more vivid and clear until it's almost as if you were there.
It has been amply illustrated and everything has been done to make it vivid and clear.
Slang originates in an effort, always by ingenious individuals, to make the language more vivid and expressive.
The principal facts, however, are too vivid upon my recollection to be soon forgotten.
But the writing was so vivid and disturbing that it could be downright nauseating.
Sulfur in the ash reacted with atmospheric ozone to scatter sunlight, causing vivid red sunsets around the world.
When this happens in the middle of the brain, it can cause vivid hallucinations.
It's a vivid picture of the shift from age cohorts slogging through a textbook to personalized digital learning.
New panoramic satellite images are unparalleled for their high resolution, size, and vivid color.
Our sun will also likely burn out and become a white dwarf surrounded by a vivid nebula but not for another five billion years.
Enjoy the vivid palette and traditions of this multi-ethnic, multi-cultural island nation.
Words are capable of making experience more vivid, and also of organizing it.
The prospect of radiation introduced a threat all its own, as invisible as the tsunami was vivid, and throbbing with history.
Pee-wee is a character so vivid in the popular imagination that he has superseded his creator.
It is, in some ways, as vivid a demonstration as there is of shirking responsibility and fault-of being a weasel.
Yet it is precisely as theatre, as vivid human storytelling, that these productions have faltered.
The sole of each of his shoes is lacquered in a vivid, glossy red.
The collection is strong in pastel prints and vivid solids.
The ineffable sensation of freedom remains vivid decades later.
Definitely not the vivid blue in the voyager photos.
The prose is vivid with sensory detail and has a light, lilting cadence to it.
But as vivid as that case may be, it was only one of numerous errors in the piece.
They all go crazy as all their scariest memories become increasingly vivid and overwhelm them.
Although his supporting sentences are vivid in their description, they are vague and general, not true examples.
It charges the present with a vivid validation of our own aliveness.
Individually they are arresting, and collectively they give a vivid sense of the chaotic wild extremes of the country.
It is an elaborately crafted photographic film, extolled for its sharpness, vivid colors and archival durability.
As the afternoon fades into evening, the thunderstorms begin their displays of vivid lighting and heavy rain.
They repeatedly re-experience the trauma in nightmares or vivid memories.
But her rants were so persuasive, her fretting so vivid, that it was not so easy to dismiss her.
He discusses many basic questions, with vivid practical examples.
Yet the nation also bears vivid environmental scars from prior oil exportation.
It had partaken of every page, breathed in every vivid description and rich metaphor.
The odd, vivid term sometimes used for it was backbiting.
Each night he added to the pattern of his fancies until drowsiness closed down upon some vivid scene with an oblivious embrace.
Their manuscripts are digital scans of the body, illuminated into images so startlingly vivid that even scientists stop and stare.
His usual tense, awkward tics all were on vivid display, perhaps heightened by a bad two weeks.
But the dream was so vivid that she absolutely had to write it down.
He has shifted his color palette from subdued hues to vivid primary schemes.
It opens to a portrait of the artist in vivid color, holding flowers.
It is brutal or elusive, by turns vivid and vague, horrible and subtle.

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