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The last impression he had received before coming to me was visually revived in his memory.
The planting bed visually separates the driveway from the new entry walk.
We wanted to place the tables side by side and visually unify them as one piece.
Start with a visually dominant plant of an appropriate height and scale for center stage in your flower bed.
The step up sets the garden apart from the street without visually obscuring it---brilliant.
As a group, these selections visually illustrate the artists' enunciations of their diverse and complex experiences.
They were going to impose order, and they were going to do it visually.
Geladas are visually striking, with burning eyes and leathery complexions.
Accuracy was of extreme important, but so was making the painting visually appealing to visitors.
She was particularly innovative in presenting data visually.
Such maps are handy for showing a large number of data values that would visually overcomplicate a pie chart.
Visually, there is an affinity between the two businesses.
Constant policing of the brand is necessary to ensure consistency and clarity in messaging visually and experientially.
Looking at the chart helps visually display this immense difference of growth rates.
He believes the device is the future of accessibility for the visually impaired.
The virtual arms contacted virtual objects, which were identical visually but differed in texture.
He then turns and walks to a window at the far end of the room, and is visually diminished.
Both shows are visually beautiful and have a sophistication and style all their own.
If you can visually see a change, the integrity is likely to be compromised, but the opposite isn't true.
Large, ornate civic buildings often merit a lawn, because they cannot be visually comprehended close up.
The potential to shape the road into a visually coherent experience was lost in the politics of overcoming community opposition.
The apps we're creating focus on core interactive experiences that are also visually arresting, simply implemented.
But the huge difference, of course, is that everything has to work visually.
Visually, the picture has ease and speed and lift-for about an hour, it's exhilarating.
Each has made visually glorious, conceptually seismic pictures.
The film is stirring and visually beautiful but not quite interesting enough, morally or formally, to be first-rate.
What's equally clear is that city life was visually uninspiring to him.
After all, the narratives have to synch up visually, which can't be easy to manage.
My job is to realize this idea visually, to translate it onto the cover.
To survive this process, oma architects must be verbally as well as visually dextrous.
She sees her stories visually before they become words.
Visually, lines work less as demarcations of the surface than as skinny shapes wriggling atop it.
Even as colleges embrace diversity, simple solutions to help the visually impaired are overlooked.
In these maps, hierarchy and categorization are visually and clearly defined.
Make the résumé visually effective to communicate professionalism and clarity.
It means teaching concision of communication and designing posts to be attractive both visually and intellectually.
Visually impaired students may have a problem using tablets with only virtual keyboards.
After all, art historians study where history happened and how events were presented visually to their contemporary audiences.
The ideal graduate of these art-school business-degree programs can think visually and communicate in the language of business.
They put every student literally on the same page and allow teachers to visually compare paper length with ease.
Storyboards are also a great way to play with design ideas and visually brainstorm.
Or visually interpret how college changed you, or what you learned.
Fans of experimental filmmaking may enjoy this visually stunning but essentially plotless road film.
Instead of vocalizing or using pheromones, chameleons communicate visually by changing the colors and patterns of their skin.
The two types-which are not yet named-also appear visually distinct, exhibiting unique colors and textures.
Scientists think whales exhibit this behavior, called lobtailing, to visually and acoustically communicate with other whales.
The elephant, visually oblivious and upwind of our smell, keeps coming.
Before scat-sniffing dogs were trained, researchers visually searched areas for droppings.
The best known service dogs are guides for the visually impaired.
Students may wish to access this online webbing tool to track visually the families, branches, and subdivisions.
The asteroid can be seen visually through telescopes as a moving point of light.
The tower is already under construction, despite critics' objections that it is out of scale and visually intrusive.
The results are eclectic, visually arresting, and not to everyone's taste.
You're also unlikely to create much that's visually new or different if you shoot something that you haven't researched.
Big-screen enthusiasts will enjoy the new film program, which includes an inspiring story of a local, visually impaired team.
The idea was to visually reveal how the process of decomposition can be slowed down.
You've done an exceptional job visually demonstrating how much each of us consumes.
The result is visually stunning and emotionally shattering.
It was a little artsy: visually bold, visually striking.
Bringing your date somewhere visually spectacular can give you a better chance at impressing her from the start.
Because some rivals are priced higher and aren't as rare or as visually distinctive.
In nearly every regard they differ visually from the early mythological pictures.
One group of people has traditionally been left out of our modern tablet revolution: the visually impaired.
Well one student has thought up a way where the visually impaired can express themselves through tattoos that can be read.
Hand-drawn look sets it apart visually from other casual games.
We have the answer for the problem that visually impaired pedestrians have with hybrid and electric cars.
Most forms of cancer still must be spotted visually to be diagnosed.
So you look always for distributions and things that visually are going to give you better results.
One day this will all be backed up visually and scientifically.
Mix it up by taking some shots outside, or in areas that are more visually pleasing than your lab bench.
Designers interpret the world visually conveying meaning in an accessible way.
For a human or a bird, the task is trivial: visually track an object moving through a cluttered scene.
Visually, one can see instantly where you are in your code development cycle.
Or, option to show large icons for visually impaired.
They are likely to be visually acute and good at reading facial and body language.
For now, it seems the art of marketing products that supposedly make us more visually appealing needs no neuroscientific support.
He presented a diversity index, but the results are rather intelligible visually.
But pollination can create other feasts for the senses that are oblivious to us visually focused humans.
They consistently selected the heavier rock even though weight was not always visually obvious.
Visually, sea-ice extent is more compelling, but the data on overall sea-ice volume is more revealing.
The ground at our feet is visually different than the horizon.
To take a specific example, zooplankton feed on phytoplankton, but they are eaten by fish that visually track them.
It's purpose is to visually depict how close the residual values are to being normally distributed.
Rehabilitation agency providing services for the blind and visually impaired.
Inserted into the colon, it enables doctors to examine the walls of the lower part of the intestine visually.
You're treated, aurally and visually, to a subterranean symphony.
And the majority of movies can't be called visually sumptuous.
Visually interesting, scientifically significant, but hardly ground-breaking.
The evolving total could be conveyed visually using dots of different sizes.
There's an easy way to represent this visually: the fan chart.

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