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Example sentences for visor

Her head behind the car's visor, she is near- ly to the top of the lane before she sees what has happened.
In her experiments she either stood face-to-face with them-protected by a plastic visor-or she used photos.
Also, to put on your visor, you have to hold down the minus button.
The soft, flexible sun visor and three interior air channels will keep your vision clear and your head cool.
Maybe it's the anonymous visor, or the cheap camera tied with string around the surrogate astronaut's neck.
The shield would resemble the clear plastic visor used in motorcycle helmets.
They show detail in much better resolution than a human could looking at it with his plain eyeball through a visor.
Time to strap on your green visor and sharpen your red pencil.
The visor is never worn backward and is often at a rakish angle.
It's unfair to fight a guy if you're wearing a visor.
She pulled down the visor and squinted in that mirror.
Pack something comfortable for sleeping and a hat or visor to protect your skin.
The trademark visor and hair pulled back into a ponytail present.
Wear a hat or visor to keep the sun off your face and out of your eyes.
The suit also features a visor players can use for tactical plans and thermal vision.
Wear a hat or visor and have waterproof sunscreen on hand.
In-Drive has a module that plugs into the car's diagnostic plug and a transmitter that clips to the visor.

Famous quotes containing the word visor

Ah, that deceit should steal such gentle shape, And with a virtuous visor hide deep vice!... more
Half life is over now, And I meet full face on dark mornings The bestial visor, bent in By the blows of wha... more
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