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If you are invisible, you still see if people are visible but they cannot see you.
Trickles of wayward meteors are visible year-round in any clear night sky.
The motions of this visible material reveal that it is mere flotsam on an unseen sea of unknown material.
When the team ran pulses of blue light through the kidney-jellyfish combo, a visible laser beam shot out.
No places are open to sell strong drink, and there are no visible signs of intoxication.
Aboriginal peoples, members of visible minority groups, and persons with disabilities.
These photons are shorter in wavelength and higher in energy than visible light.
The dark wall visible beyond the tree trunk the dog run.
Visible frequency would be a good alternative, they say.
With a little effort, it can make what you do visible through a design that corresponds with your own interests and investments.
It is not only too big to fail, but too visible to be allowed to screw up.
The impact flash is visible to the lower right of that peak in the photo sequence, taken with an infrared camera.
To be used in this fashion, the tail would have to be fully visible and therefore, the head would have to be elevated.
Using a paintbrush will leave visible marks, which may or may not bother you.
It is a false-color composite of visible and infrared images.
That's what it takes, after all, when the goal is to map half the visible universe.
Crime is more visible than before, but that does not make it new.
Of the eight official planets in the solar system, five are visible at night without the aid of a telescope or binoculars.
Because burrowing owls are active during the day, they are a highly visible species.
Damage to those big, bold, fleshy leaves is highly visible.
They also found some points in the distant skies that emitted both visible light and radio frequencies.
The only visible water is frozen, and that is probably true of any that is hidden underground as well.
Dozens of shooting stars should be visible over the course of the entire week.
Carolers will sing, their breath visible in the wintry air.
It radiates hot blue light in the visible spectrum and gives the cloud a bluish tinge.
Aldrin is seen in the shadow of the lander, yet he is clearly visible.
Visible light is not absorbed, so the compound doesn't affect colors.
Rainbows are a simple, ordered display of visible light reflected off of water droplets in the atmosphere.
It's not only a rich and highly textured history but it's a visible history.
Little visible light gets out, but these objects still emit heat-and infrared.
She noticed that half of the bats scattered around turbines do not have any visible injuries.
The light from the star has been blocked out to make the planet visible.
But existing materials are only able to harness the sun's visible light.
Astronomers see no visible matter in a new dark matter ring.
The delicate silk and lace shawl is still in near-perfect condition, free of any rips or visible repairs.
The ash content of the explosion is clearly visible.
The dream of cloaking research is to hide an object illuminated by visible light.
Even the finest bones are visible in superb definition.
Through a process that is still not fully understood, the implosions generate a bright point of visible light.
As it turns out, however, our feelings and thoughts are only too visible to those who know how to look.
It happily allows visible light from the sun to make it to the surface.
There are no cabinet secretaries with visible tattoos.
The pages are yellowed, but they feel dry and there's no mold visible.
In the shallow scenario, the jets result from thunderstorms and other sun-driven events on the visible surface of the gas giant.
The impact of income on the level of visible consumption appears to persist across minority groups.
Only some of the animals are visible to the human eye, such as small shrimp and crustaceans.
The visible differences, such as skin colour, are the result of a mere handful of genes.
The next step is to try to develop a version that works in visible wavelengths.
Their tattoos range from bright and visible to more subtle and partly-hidden.
Maybe it has something to do with pierced visible body parts, tattoos on the neck and other visible body parts.
We once interviewed a candidate with a visible tattoo--a swastika on the wrist that his suit jacket sleeves couldn't conceal.
It does not reflect light and is therefore not visible to us.
But there were few visible signs of fraud and intimidation during the actual voting process.
At corners where they have collapsed, small rooms are visible.
As an object recedes, the light emanating from it stretches into the red region of the visible spectrum.
They are so well preserved that the original color of the tissue is still visible.
But there was something else, something visible from a long way off, that identified him.
It would remain visible for nearly a year before disappearing.
The blue component of the spectrum of visible light has shorter wavelengths and higher frequencies than the red component.
There is no visible star or galaxy at the site of flash to offer hints of what caused it.
After four weeks, all grafts had healed without visible or microscopic sign of rejection.
In situ only the pediment figures, garishly painted, were clearly visible from the ground.
The impact releases visible light, creating an aurora.
Viewed straight on, light zipping down the cylinder would be plainly visible.
Turquoise and red dyes are still visible inside grooved diamonds and polygons that decorate the cover.
The student must make sure that the folder with the name is visible.
Remove visible bubbles from the jar with a plastic knife, chopstick or other nonmetallic instrument.
Its developers boast it will be visible from the moon.
Along the dirt road, the foundations of a few mud-brick houses were still visible.
Several other glowing objects had been visible before this, and had been moving in various directions.
The alveoli are almost completely filled with secreting cells, so that scarcely any lumen is visible.
Occasionally a gap is visible between the clavicular and sternal parts of the muscle.
There are in our present condition no visible signs of decrepitude and decay.
He pierced the emblematic or spiritual character of the visible, audible, tangible world.
And since groups can be private or public, you can even make the sources visible online for people who don't want to join a group.
Colleagues who are always late are revealing signs of a larger incompetence in many other, less visible, parts of their lives.
Most of the time, the rural crisis takes a back seat to more visible big-city troubles.
In the second act she has sunk into the mound so that only her head is visible, and now she cannot move it.
There are no visible scars if the rhinoplasty is performed from inside the nose.
If the procedure narrows flared nostrils, there may be small scars at the base of the nose that are not usually visible.
No other startling attributes are visible, sadly enough.
Princes of the blood and dukes visited among themselves in the highly visible first-row boxes.
The object of their gaze: a large aquarium, visible through a second-story apartment window.
It's a way to be visible, to escape the fleetingness of performance, and to reach people who will never hear you in concert.
The sun, if visible at all, seems dimmer than the full moon on a hazy night.
His detention, by all visible measures, was not impromptu.
His teeming library-the source of his prodigious power-is visible in an alcove to the side.
She and her family live so close, their rooftop was visible in those photos.
Some of the resource depletion is visible from outer space.
Transfer tongue to a cutting board with tongs and peel off and discard skin and any visible fat.
Since the sensor isn't designed to register visible light, it doesn't get quite as many false positives.
The power control module is the only thing visible under the hood.
Now, the fjords visible in this summer image have frozen and can be crossed on foot.
The sun and moon are not visible through a layer of nimbostratus clouds.
The photos you upload within your personal profile are stored there and are visible to other users who visit your profile page.
These three ingredients must be configured correctly for the rainbow to be visible.
Viewed from the side, only the side of her head is visible.
Officials say they have found no visible damage to runways there.
While half of the sun's power lies in the visible spectrum, the other half lies in the infrared spectrum.
They usually have two grayish cubs with barely visible spots.
Sunspots are cool, dark blemishes visible on the sun's surface that indicate regions of intense magnetic activity.
The blobs glow brightly in visible light, but the sources of immense energy required to power the glow remained unclear.
But there are different kinds of pollution-some visible, some invisible-that contribute to global warming.
From dark locations, up to two dozen shooting stars an hour were visible during the peak.
And since there's never any rain to decompose anything, once the tombs are opened, the bodies are visible even decades later.
The images are shown in false color to make water visible against the land.
Footprints tracked across this living community may remain visible for years.
Such veins are more visible in persons with less subcutaneous fat.
We're talking about an effect that over years will be visible to people.
These pigments take more time to break down than chlorophyll does, so you see them become visible in fall leaves.
These packed cells then swell and, when large enough, become visible through the skin.
There are few known fossil specimens of these ancient snakes, and only three in which the hind limbs are preserved and visible.
According to the report, changes in glucose concentration induce color shifts across the visible range.
Plants that relied at times mostly on the dim red dwarf might need light from all across the visible spectrum.
Movement is the visible and measurable side of change.
The experimenter then stroked both the obscured real hand and the visible fake hand synchronously.
As soon as you close your right eye, the face becomes visible.
What is more, the spot reflects more red light than blue light, meaning it has a reddish tint in the visible spectrum.
Yes, it worked, the key was visible on the developed film.
Loads of earthworms are visible, too-another healthy sign.
In fact, matter as a visible object is of no great use any longer, except as the mould on which form is shaped.
Neighboring countries might be less quick to threaten each other when troop movements were visible to all.
The searchlight beam is faintly visible pointing aft from atop her pilothouse.
Some of your other reader have pointed out that is less visible in cities.
Directly above her bed, visible while prone, is a collection of beautiful butterflies.
Solar cells prefer visible, or even ultraviolet radiation.
The outward forms of piety have become more visible everywhere.
Its failures were hardly a secret but it was important that they not be visible.
Perhaps it is precisely the absence of visible history that looks distinctive.
And the chill of failure inhabited the place, visible in the cold eyes of the owners.
Coal has a wide variety of costs, some hidden and some quite visible.
Coal mine accidents grab the major headlines, and ravages of the land are visible and dramatic.
The conditions of production are visible right there in the story, since they are in the story whether they are visible or not.
All of this facilitated a rapid dissemination of new ideas and a dramatic and visible clash of conflicting views.
His own preoccupations-among them, duty and the call of public service-are visible on every page.
The main outlines of health reform legislation that could become law this year are thus already visible.
It's only from above or behind that the now notorious bald spot is visible.
Within the main hall there are three levels stacked wedding-cake-style, and each level is visible from the other two.
They beat me then, but not where it was visible to others.
The scars are clearly visible on the town's streets, riddled with closed shops and restaurants.
And maybe those primitive structures visible in some fossils were feathers--but maybe not.
But what he really seems to have mastered is the art of remaining highly visible, yet at some level out of sight.
There is also a visible weariness of this long season of violence.
If heat were visible, we'd see a lot of frenzied motion.
No, this dust is actually composed of complex organic molecules, and they are opaque to visible light.
Big enough to have a thick nitrogen atmosphere, clearly visible in this picture.
Looking up at the night's newest star, you can witness highly visible evidence of your tax dollars at work.
Stars and warm gas emit visible and near-infrared light.
Even within this small group of patients, other, less visible symptoms were evident.
The new devices reported this week manipulate visible light in the green to ultraviolet range.
These patterns are smaller than the wavelength of visible light.
Researchers have shown that three novel imaging techniques can detect mild brain damage not visible using traditional methods.
The lines visible on some of them are metal electrical contacts.
But they are the first to explore the size and shape of the density changes that ought to be visible using this method.
If so, these bruises ought to be visible today in the cosmic microwave background.
Their conclusion is that the oscillations ought to be visible with today's solar observatories as a kind of solar hiccup.
There's a useful bit of info not being made quite visible enough, then.
There are visible losses in the system where excess heat is removed to cool the steam down.
But terahertz frequencies are not as high energy as infrared or visible electromagnetic radiation.
Note that a sunburn is caused by the ultraviolet portion of the solar spectrum, not by the visible portion.
On the inside, two veins the color of verdigris were visible.
These cloud formations are visible in weather satellite imagery.
Definition of visible, possibly with links to more information and implementations.
Without a visible walkway, visitors might be momentarily confused about how to proceed.
If a group is publicly visible, anyone can see its membership.
It took until the third game of the match, but by then the visible signs of anxiety were gone.

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