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Many people prefer the visceral experience of seeing things visually through the eyepiece of a telescope.
The only way to get those up-close, visceral shots of the guys on the mountain working was to have a camera right next to them.
It's annoying and disappointing, but it doesn't affect me in that visceral, blood-boiling way that it affects others.
It is possible to make software tools that enable visceral visualizations of the consequences of current actions.
And moreover, this topic is not about global warming, as you evidently misunderstood in your visceral reaction.
Given those stakes, it's small wonder that our views can be so visceral and resistant to change.
There are few books and fewer authors, especially in non-fiction, that still elicit a visceral reaction upon reading.
The hieroglyphic splatter of these markings gives the show a visceral subliminal power.
It will get rid of your visceral fats and speed up your metabolism.
Few things in life offer more visceral proof of the power of physics than a karate chop.
Few things offer more visceral proof of the power of physics than a karate chop.
The idea of human space travel is visceral and more likely to receive popular and therefore political support.
But you walk away from it with an immediate, visceral sense that the artist has presented herself fully.
That's particularly so with such visceral issues as nuclear energy.
Attacks on the namesake engender strong visceral reactions and calls to defend it at all costs.
Our first genuinely deep, visceral feedback to coffee's taste comes when cup meets lip.
But kidney donation is a more visceral mission than mainstream religious groups want to contemplate.
The painting created an experience so vivid, so visceral, that it supplanted the fading memories of the war itself.
Combat has become a procedure, deliberate and calculated, more cerebral than visceral-even if it does still have its moments.
His collections were so specific, so true to himself, and so visceral that they are easy to remember.
The chance of this music's having such an immediate and visceral effect on an aspiring rock star today is, frankly, pretty slim.
The projections and syncopated lights weren't as visceral as they could have been.
It whipped into a frenzy the visceral excitement that his sound had started.
Acting is kind of difficult to intellectualize-it's a far more visceral experience.
It's one of his earliest musical memories, and he has a visceral reaction to it.
If there's a visceral, cinematic thing happening that the audience likes, they don't care if it goes against what's likely.
The act of controlling the camera's perspective immediately creates a visceral feeling of being inside the video.
But his mistakes are venial, outweighed by his vivid, visceral prose.
Having finally paid off their bubble-era bills, many are likely to have a visceral objection to borrowing.
Your response was quite visceral although you tried to frame it in controlled language.
OK, let's get the visceral reactions out of the way.

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