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We are clinging to the supposed virtues of high school athletics with particular zeal.
And the shift to private funds threatens those virtues.
He is considered honest and frugal, rare virtues in a country with eye-popping graft.
When her answers were accepted, her many virtues were extolled in a praise song.
The virtues of medical findings are found in the help of a particular individual.
During the intervening four centuries others have showered her with virtues.
Of course, you'd expect a local winemaker to extol the virtues of her region's product.
Frugality is not high upon the list of defining virtues of the real doll enthusiast archetype.
High among its virtues is that it makes inertia all but impossible to sustain.
Most merely tout the virtues of a particular destination.
Science values data and statistics and champions the virtues of evidence and experimentation.
Compact growth and clean-looking, attractive foliage are their chief virtues.
It's knowing how to choose when two virtues conflict.
Good teachers know how to point out the virtues in the best work without making a fuss over it.
It would be a better world if more people emulated those kinds of virtues.
Almost everyone agrees on the virtues of meritocracy in a society.
One of the virtues of pilotless planes is that you don't have to worry about them crashing and burning.
And that should be taken into account, both in judging the worth of ideas and actions and the virtues of the actors involved.
It extols the virtues of enduring harsh conditions with good grace.
The caliber of people does not depend on their income but their actions and virtues.
Through no virtues of their own, my students have chances that offer lives of worth and meaning.
Yet some investors and consumers may believe that her virtues outweigh her sins.
Ethical investment covers a broad variety of virtues.
Economists have long recognised the virtues of auctions.
Instead, it presented a caricature of these virtues.
He has tried to use government to reinforce traditional virtues such as marriage.
Not all of the centenarians were paragons of all the virtues.
He's gone weird, extolling the virtues of a sport in which nothing much happens.
Engineers used the supreme virtues of computers to directly and indirectly create the next improved version of computers.
It has been the custom in all civilized countries and ages to erect statues to commemorate the deeds and the virtues of the dead.
The group has tried to make the best of a poor hand by stressing the virtues of organic growth.
The ethos is that everyone who steadfastly practices certain practical virtues will find a place at the table.
We look from the outside as if we're unfamiliar with the small-town virtues of kindness and charity.
Topics include natural virtues and vices as treated by the apostle and in contemporary theology.
If it does, it will be because of the flaws of the right as much as the virtues of the left.
But his critics often missed his virtues and overstated his faults.
But take a second glance, because these dishes have many virtues.
Inflation, for all its virtues, has some skeletons in the closet.
The former would be more inclined to preach the virtues of physics, the latter would more inclined to take such sermons to heart.
The results are a testament to the creative virtues of grogginess.
The approaches embody some of science's great virtues: foresight, patience and cleverness.
And its four-line screen and tiny keyboard bestow the virtues of brevity on an increasingly long-winded world.
Our virtues will be often discredited with the appearance of evil.
In this state even the moral virtues acquire an heroic and infused degree of perfection.
Silence is the genius of fools and one of the virtues of the wise.
Moderation is the silken string running through the pearl-chain of all virtues.
Avarice is the parent of evil deeds, but frugality is the sure guardian of our virtues.
And it is to be deeply and experimentally imprinted in our souls by the practice of all virtues.
He proves the virtues of the land and the society in which he was born and fostered.
He was admirable in all virtues, particularly in a heavenly meekness and humility.
Envy is blind and is only clever in depreciating the virtues of others.
The problem is that two moral virtues are in conflict with each other.
In theory, it's easy to get inspired by a diet with so many virtues, but the real challenge is putting theory into practice.
One of the virtues of rail travel is that it allows the traveler to enjoy a long, leisurely look at.
The economic slowdown is bringing home the value of timeless old-fashioned virtues.
If ignorance allowed investors and politicians to exaggerate the virtues of economics, it now blinds them to its benefits.
Indeed, the life insurer does so well with such regularity that its virtues draw notice only when everyone else is in convulsions.
Now, clearly, the virtues of this approach are debatable.
Having spent last year promising miracles, the group is this year learning the virtues of modesty.
Some of the support derives from real virtues that small companies offer-diversity of choice, connection to local communities.
To my mind, that pervasive lightness is one of the novel's virtues and helps conceal some of its flaws.
Whenever a critic invokes the virtues that inhere in storytelling, it's a sign that a daring artist's knuckles are being rapped.
Prose can show many virtues, including originality, without having a voice.
They also cultivate their innocence and rediscover the virtues they believe in every time they sit down to write something new.
What don't appear to be up for grabs are the old-fashioned virtues of craft and quality.
On this occasion, though, both of these virtues had deserted her.
Hanson believes that farmers and people who work with their hands are the ones who embody the virtues that make countries strong.
It has some virtues: you only pay for people who actually commit to come to your business.
She was so beautiful that you could not help attributing to her all of your favorite virtues.
So, increasingly, clarity has risen to a higher place in my pantheon of virtues.
She believed that she possessed some of these virtues and that her husband loved her for it.
No independent scientific researchers trumpet whole-language's virtues.
Vices were distinguished from virtues, animals from plants, nouns from verbs.
It's disappointing, given the many virtues of found footage, that so little good work has been done with it.
They also demonstrate, for the first time fully, how deeply seated was his possession of his virtues.
Candor and consistency are not always public virtues.
These are their virtues, arguably, as outlets for emotional release and as social counteragents.
Looking back from our present vantage point, one sees more clearly the virtues of that bare-bones age.
To conclude that genes create tendencies in our behavior is not to deny the virtues of cooperation, empathy, and morality.
Nonetheless, his advocacy of flexible rates does illustrate two of his great virtues.
The main characters are shown from every angle, with all of their faults and virtues.
Yet it looks unlikely that these old-world virtues will be rewarded in the foreseeable future.
But first let credit be given to her formal virtues.
As all this happened, proponents of looser regulation extolled the virtues of a more open system.
Entire tomes have been written about the virtues of baking soda.
In tough times, the virtues that inspire us are old-fashioned, unglamorous and hiding in plain sight.
Staff happily expound on the virtues of the cheaper wines and spirits they sell, alongside the rarest vintages.
By which one means that it has all the virtues we've come to expect when he is working at his highest levels.
Which is not to say the paper didn't have traditional journalistic virtues.
Most product labels tend to advertise the virtues of the product rather than emphasize information on product safety.

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