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Goodness answers to the theological virtue charity, and admits no excess, but error.
Confucians believed an emperor ruled by a mandate from heaven and that his virtue should inspire good behavior in his subjects.
And to protect its cash cow, the company has strayed more than once from the path of environmental virtue.
But perhaps there's some virtue in truly forgetting-and not storing memories anywhere at all.
So one way in which a charge or a magnet will distort space-time is by virtue of its matter.
While lacking the heartwarming character of the published account, this version might have the virtue of being true.
We tend to feel that political participation is an unmixed good, a symptom of civic health and virtue.
But the economy doesn't exist, in the end, to reward virtue and punish vice.
At that time failure seemed to me to be the only virtue.
It indeed proves anything as virtue of inconsistent theories.
The field moves forward by virtue of the fact that people cooperate.
The idea of special southern virtue strikes me as ludicrous.
It overstates the virtue of fat and the evil of carbohydrate.
Perhaps more labels are beginning to find virtue in the necessity to live small.
And librarians have long been the guardians of public virtue.
It's not a happy story in which virtue is rewarded and vice punished.
The civic virtue of the citizenry and of its representatives would work as a safeguard against factional tyranny.
All of us know that the poet is of the devil's party and that sin makes for better stories than virtue.
Every coin has its other side, every virtue its corresponding vice-and practically every university its festering sores.
Capitalism certainly doesn't drive people to higher moral virtue.
Its main virtue is that it brings together both the real and the financial parts of the economy.
Moreover, many firms see virtue in tying themselves to a particular cause.
Today corporate social responsibility, if it is nothing else, is the tribute that capitalism everywhere pays to virtue.
Courage is a virtue in a president, but so are cool calculation and risk-aversion.
Persistence, though necessary for success and considered a virtue by many, can also have a negative impact on health.
But even among the world's paragons of corporate virtue, reality and rhetoric diverge.
But diplomacy is a test of relative power, not virtue.
But they do have one virtue that gives them scientific credibility: they make a prediction.
Some cities retain their role as administrative centres, by virtue of their political status.
Some are still trading hubs, by virtue of their geographical position.
As a form of corporate entertainment, golf's first virtue is that people of any age can play it.
But if virtue can be unappreciated, so can mediocrity be overpraised.
In contrast, large-scale, broad-based proposals may have a better chance of success simply by virtue of their comprehensiveness.
The cognoscenti, though, have largely ignored this quiet virtue while extolling what are really the show's considerable flaws.
Some see slowness to reconsider unpopular decisions as a virtue, not a flaw.
Our virtue-and our vice-is to speculate about the state of the universe.
There are pros and cons to this approach, but that is the decisive political virtue of casting the target this way.
Odd that a plan whose main virtue, according to supporters, is its simplicity should be causing such confusion.
There is also the myth that by sheer virtue of your talent, you will receive adulation and recognition.
Virtue and pleasure are not, in fact, so nearly allied in this life as some eloquent writers have laboured to prove.
Virtue in superiors will call out virtue in common folk.
And wonted oft in kindled will to virtue me to train.
They think that this remembrance of their virtue and goodness doth vehemently provoke and enforce the quick to virtue.
But menopause has another virtue, one that has received little attention.
My husband has the virtue of not complaining about my job.
It rises as it ricochets off other people, returning to us stronger by virtue of being released.
But virtue has never been sufficient to quell market clamor.
V requirements by virtue of greenhouse gas emissions only.

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