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Today, however, virtually every college and university in the nation has an elaborate strategic plan.
Demography means virtually all of us will have to work longer.
The same features have emerged, and they are virtually indistinguishable from tissue samples from modern species.
Scientists often experiment virtually with computer models, but developing such software is time-consuming and difficult.
As a seaman he'd suffered several setbacks and was virtually broke.
Before the remodel, the outdoor space in back was virtually ignored.
For the first time, a robotic system has made a novel scientific discovery with virtually no human intellectual input.
Most city skies have become virtually empty of stars.
The system could make it possible to identify food contamination virtually instantly.
They contained everything that was needed to support life underground and were virtually impervious to enemy infiltration.
The drip line of a tree or shrub runs around the perimeter of the canopy and virtually outlines the root zone on the ground below.
What's even more upsetting is that these habits are virtually impossible to fix.
Virtually everyone agrees that many colleges and universities fail to live up to their promise.
Virtually nothing was achieved in the meantime, and few participants believe the talks will make much progress when they resume.
The reef and atoll systems that have evolved here in isolation remain virtually untouched by humans.
The rafts would be virtually unsinkable and can be made from recycled materials that now clog our land fills.
Virtually all say their principal purpose is to relieve pain and suffering.
Given minimum care at planting, they thrive with virtually no further attention.
Because it's so plentiful in nature, it's virtually inexhaustible.
Could be any college, any students, and virtually anytime.
Now, its economy languishes in the trough of a two-year recession, and its main industries are virtually bankrupt.
The area is virtually impenetrable-boats are the primary means of access to the valley.
To do so to try to prevent the climate from changing is foolish, because the impact will be virtually immeasurable.
Universities remain virtually free, but change may be coming to their historic halls.
Unlike virtually every other ecosystem on the planet, these deep-sea communities do not rely on the sun for their food.
The space shuttle was supposed to land before sunset, but at virtually the last minute, clouds moved in.
As a result, its arms possess virtually limitless freedom of movement.
The people in the labs and offices do enjoy air so thoroughly filtered that there are virtually no pollens.
If planned carefully, these systems virtually eliminate the problem of uneven water delivery.
But on virtually every measure, this year's downturn is much deeper than previous troughs.
Yet those evildoers have taken far fewer lives than rotavirus, whose name is virtually unknown.
As advertised, he produced a series of photographs showing the horse virtually stride by stride.
Virtually every nursery and garden center sells these amendments.
Once the walls are constructed, however, all the corals look virtually identical.
Virtually every major pharmaceutical company is now investing millions in its pursuit.
Virtually all of its students-who went into a wide range of industries-found work within three months of graduating.
But during the winter, increased amounts of sea ice renders the region virtually impermeable to all three.
Researchers have looked into virtually all aspects of honeybee life in search of the culprit behind colony collapse.
Virtually all of its students found work within three months of graduating.
The new theory might also explain the trait in the only other virtually hairless terrestrial mammal, says the study.
From zebras to elephants, virtually all of the animals here are drawn to watering holes.
Virtually all kinds of memory and functionality are in the shape and interconnections of neurons, it seems.
In theory, virtually all the world's governments are committed to limiting the damage.
Virtually all encryption methods used for highly sensitive data are vulnerable to one quantum algorithm or another.
It will now be virtually impossible ever to hold another free vote on hanging.
In this way, each tissue type must have the active chromosomes in virtually the same location.
Moreover, the defeat is a calamity for several poor countries, some virtually in thrall to drug barons.
It has virtually no atmosphere that could carry some of its heat from the hot side to the cold side.
Imagine a tax system which made the top rates on wages and capital more equal, and which eliminated virtually all deductions.
The reason: the bureau has virtually stopped receiving reports of flying saucers.
Indeed, virtually everywhere around the globe real bond yields are unusually low.
Diabetes has reached virtually epidemic levels in the modern world.
Ten years ago it was virtually impossible to make use of electronic information about home values.
Virtually all these criteria, however, are based on the patient's history and the clinical encounter.
Virtually all of us experience the loss of a loved one at some point in our life.
Virtually all cultures have their own way of acknowledging this moment.
Her shorts were also white and virtually see-through.
One, it comes with so many different parts that you're virtually guaranteed to misplace some and lose its functionality.
Locked into place, the couplers formed a viselike grip virtually unbreakable until released.
The box should be virtually invisible to anyone except those who have followed your clues.
Virtually all life in the world's oceans is directly or indirectly dependent on one-celled plants called phytoplankton.
His supplies-two burritos and three liters of water-were now gone, and there was virtually no chance of rescue.
Even at subzero temperatures, polar bears retain virtually all their body heat.
They are being under-represented and virtually abused as workers in the workplace.
Everyone knows that it is virtually impossible to keep secrets, if it is important enough for someone else to want to know them.
It's also, among other things, an extremely good acoustic insulator and virtually transparent.
Virtually all flights were cancelled, and the results were astounding.
They wash well, dry fast and still look virtually brand new.
All of the hydrocarbons are virtually insoluble in water.
Universities, mortuaries and medical companies routinely buy and sell arms, legs and elbows with virtually no oversight.
That's why virtually everyone who has a say in the matter sends their kids to college.
Unless forests are better protected, so their argument goes, dangerous levels of climate change look virtually inevitable.
Overpopulation is the root of virtually all problems.
One had strong grants but virtually no publications.
By the time of the study, he was virtually blind, although he could still tell the direction from which a light was shining.
Virtually every other major research university maintains part of its collections off site.
For one thing, it grows in virtually all of our climates.
The play lacks a fifth act in the manuscript, but the action seems virtually complete.
She was virtually separated from her husband, but she appeared to perceive nothing irregular in the situation.
Localisms were explored diligently, but the general dialect went virtually unobserved.
He was surprised to learn that virtually nothing was known about tiger sharks, even though they're big animals.
Though humans are not literally hairless, much of our hair has become so small and fine as to render it virtually invisible.
Scientists had virtually no baseline information on the wildlife in the area.
The scheme leaves the ground level virtually unobstructed.
He self-published the story this year, virtually unchanged from the manuscript he had scribbled in longhand.
Furthermore, the colonists had virtually no history of cooperating with one another, even in the face of danger.
And, they argue, it's virtually impossible to change this basic way that people think.
Seeing what was arguably one of the scariest apex predators of all time brought back to life-even virtually-was scary enough.
Virtually all of these sites had piles of seashells.
Except for sheep, fish and dairy products, virtually everything consumed on the island is imported.
Prospects for demand in virtually the entire developed world are deteriorating by the day.
The industry is so fragmented as to be virtually unfathomable.
For almost three years this trial has meandered on, virtually unnoticed by one and all.
So you can virtually stroll up and down city streets.
Under these extreme conditions atomic nuclei collide and fuse, liberating energy that could provide virtually limitless power.
Virtually everything about this machine is scaled back.
If you're not holding it dead on, the screen is virtually illegible.
Virtually every government in the world is borrowing heavily in order to stimulate the economy.
In fact, virtually no one reviews it except other poets.
But until the first railroad actually began to operate, it was virtually unanticipated.
The resources it can use to fight its demise or transformation are virtually without limit.
There's virtually no narrative to speak of and little elaboration on the basic premise.
Within twenty-four hours, virtually everything of value had been removed.
The scale of their endeavor is virtually unprecedented in the history of technology and science.
Virtually everyone who was exposed would need to be promptly vaccinated or quarantined.
It will either decline slightly again this year for a sixth-in-a-row or remain virtually flat.
Little data is available on adjunct salaries nationally, and virtually none on adjunct raises.
Still others regard language and grammar as virtually synonymous.
If the bar is set low enough, virtually anyone can enroll.
The openness of the game allows for virtually any story you want to tell.
Two novel techniques together can cool down atoms of virtually any element, even some molecules.
And in cancer cells, which unfortunately do not seem to age, telomere length is maintained virtually indefinitely.
The skeleton consists of a virtually complete skull, the entire torso and parts of the arms and legs.
Another is the patient information privacy laws that have virtually shut down much medical research.
The effects of the agouti gene had been virtually erased.
Since virtually all her brain was missing, she would never be aware of her existence.
Plankton are literally at the bottom of the food chain, a source of nourishment for virtually every animal in the sea.
The paradigm has failed miserably on virtually all counts.
We know that the laws of physics are virtually the same all over the universe.
As for malaria, the parasite has become resistant to virtually all treatments.
They were next door to each other, and they had virtually identical bamboo-and-wood decors.
Leeches are found in virtually every kind of habitat.
There are stories of people, especially in the early days of the game, who played virtually non-stop.
Because of his jumping ability and his threat to drive, that shot was virtually unguardable.
Virtually any book located-no matter how old or long out-of-print.
Her face ended up a bit dark, but the redness became virtually unnoticeable.
The bill makes no effort to define these open-ended terms, rendering it virtually certain that no country would agree to them.
It is an absolute perfection and virtually divine to know how to enjoy our being rightfully.
But that surely stretches the imminence requirement beyond recognition, virtually to the point of abandoning it altogether.
The party lost support from virtually every demographic group.
But that is a triumph of storming a virtually undefended and indefensible position.
But that stretches the imminence requirement beyond recognition, virtually to the point of abandoning it altogether.
Virtually every known crime of war is taking place there, and on a scale so vast it defies imagination.
So selective and demanding is the process that virtually every teacher is well prepared.
Virtually everything was on paper, so you never knew what was going to emerge.
Given the history of the rogue element, the admission virtually guaranteed that some other shoes would soon be dropping.
Virtually no one is invited, according to the groom.
Also, aforementioned hammer is virtually indestructible.
At the same time, she and her staff made themselves virtually inaccessible to reporters.
His career by now seems virtually boo-boo-proof-and so does his nonchalant image.
Each plot creates a situation in which vengeance is virtually demanded, no apology necessary.
He preferred swimming, as it required virtually no social interaction.
It is currently at or near the top of invasive species lists for virtually every southern state.
Once a metabolism is slowed down, it is virtually impossible to raise again.
The technology also virtually eliminates the need for heat or steam, saving energy and emissions.
Until recently, the promise of stem-cell therapy has centered on stem cells' ability to morph into virtually any kind of cells.
But while all biological samples have some background fluorescence, they have virtually no magnetic background.
We've managed to combine fast economic growth, low unemployment, and virtually nonexistent inflation.
E ven in this era of business prodigies, his youthful success is virtually unrivaled.
That's an extraordinary number of individuals coming from virtually every major cancer and genetics center around the world.
The emitted cosmic rays escape from the core virtually unimpeded.
Virtually every essay talks about the difficult interface between engineer and client.
These perpetrators-virtually all of them adults-mount extremely sophisticated attacks.
Multi-processing required, but inter-process coordination is virtually nonexistent.
Virtually all of the methane will get burned rather than escaping into the atmosphere.
Maybe we'll scan our consciousnesses into computers and live inside them as software, forever, virtually.
Will support virtually any kind of detector, camera configuration, and event word definition.

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