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The violence and raw power of this storm are amazing to ponder.
Favelas are also routinely blamed for drug-related violence and all-too-frequent muggings.
Far from cozy, the painting suggests the violence and even madness that often simmers beneath the surface of daily life.
He calls on change through the violence of the elements.
Our nation is at war, against a far-reaching network of violence and hatred.
He braved the harshest of conditions, threats of violence, and the intrigue that roiled the treasure hunting of his day.
He simply inquired why those ideas could never be put into practice without violence, poverty, and exploitation.
Power and violence, a larger club or sharper sword, as if the ability to incinerate whole cities is an admirable pursuit.
The interim government has been powerless to put an end to the violence.
The authorities have deployed thousands of troops to the north-east in an attempt to quell the violence.
The work starts with two well-established sets of data, one on violence and the other on the weather.
But as long as the deft bird-catcher has other choices, he is probably clever enough to limit the violence.
Polygamy is widely blamed for social ills ranging from school absenteeism to street violence.
Not only is there the increasing rate of intertribal violence and the hostility of the north to contend with.
But violence is still a way of life in parts of the country.
None could stomach further violence after that shared tragedy.
Many other factors-political, ethnic, demographic and economic-conspired to stoke violence.
Despite the violence, foreign investment is pouring in, especially to the motor industry.
His latest work is an ambitious attempt to understand the origins, history-and perhaps the future-of human violence.
Advice now is taken as strict demeaning criticism that needs to be handled with violence and rudeness.
There is convincing behavioral evidence linking media violence with imitative violence.
That's how harmless people commit random acts of violence.
As for the the argument that automation takes jobs and leads to violence through boredom.
Such things were done through persecution, violence, and a general environment of fear.
Polygamy is perfect in societies with lots of violence between males, including war and crimes.
Often times it has only come about through violence.
In your perceived moral superiority, you feel endowed to call for the use of violence against those you disagree with.
No matter how far human society progresses, there will always be criminal acts of violence.
Argumentative, is more to stop violence, its the alternative too.
There can be no doubt there is a direct link between environmental scarcity and violence.
Whether gang related or expressions of youthful mischief, the violence well exceeded the outbursts in other years.
Despite hardships and lingering violence, residents imagine a new version of the ancient city.
Borders everywhere attract violence, violence prompts fences, and eventually fences can mutate into walls.
The new tomb find may only add to the aura of violence.
It's a complex drama of power and violence salted with a little magic and pageantry.
However, you also know that such violence will get you suspended from school, which is why throwing a punch is not a good idea.
Take the link between football and domestic violence.
And yet, the violence there has continued to spiral further and further out of control.
And, according to some, it can predict a propensity for violence.
Disaffected rural youths are committing more violence.
If the violence continues to spiral, the regime is going to win.
If you want to avoid horrendous violence and accomplish something, you may have to wait longer.
Perhaps the government is worried that the ensuing violence on-screen may incite violence off-screen as well.
The main argument for using long-term isolation in prisons is that it provides discipline and prevents violence.
Resistance through violence and killing is wrong and it does not succeed.
He was deeply aware that the costs of ideology, violence, and empire had not been paid in full.
The illegal-drug trade probably explains a lot of the violence, but certainly not all of it.
The thunderous violence and the music jack the audience up.
The movie's outrageous panache gave the audience license to enjoy the violence as lawless entertainment.
When you travel in an earthquake zone there is a sense of violence all around, a visible shattering.
The picture, she thought, had done a strange kind of violence to her work.
Considering their subtlety, the message these wispy signals bring is one of surprising violence.
In nature, peace and violence are never far from each other.
Scared by this silently rising pressure of violence, he forced himself back into civilization and began treatment.
Bonobos have to control territory and exclude others through violence because otherwise they'll starve.
What makes finding a correlation between violent video games and real-life violence is that people are different.
And all that stress put me in the mood for a little violence.
The violence is so over the top that it's almost cartoonish.
We'd have to stand together in silence and observe these images of human violence.
The escalating violence, however, hardly indicates the situation is headed in that direction.
Even then he is nothing if he has not conquered fear, for he lives in a vortex of violence in the world's fastest team sport.
Some of the violence can be directly linked to the marijuana trade.
Hospital staff said five people were killed and two injured in the violence.
The violence of zealots who call themselves pro-life can best be described as terrorism.
Its goals are to raise global awareness about the problems of violence and to make the case that violence is preventable.
He had fled to a neighboring county to escape violence.
In countries where it aspires to join the political mainstream, it renounces the use of violence locally.
His predictions of the violence to come turned out to be dead right.
Therefore he is dismayed to find himself being overtaken by fits of unpredictable violence.
War and violence, being obvious departures from social and rational order, are viewed as deplorable anomalies.

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