villainy in a sentence

Example sentences for villainy

Wherever there's money sloshing around, there's alway going to be villainy.
But his odd lack of seductiveness or felicitousness-contributing to his aura of villainy-became after a while alluring in itself.
The film includes a three-letter word, a relatively harmless shooting and routine villainy.
His characterization is a disservice to organized villainy.
There is an attempt to introduce a little villainy, but in the end all is forgiven.
The folklore surrounding the project and its origins offers up plenty of heroes and plenty of obstructionist villainy.

Famous quotes containing the word villainy

To enlist the support of the people and of parliament, you only have to propose a profitable villainy.... more
He is composed and framed of treachery, And fled he is upon this villainy.... more
Thou knowest in the state of innocency Adam fell, and what should poor Jack Falstaff do in the days in villainymore
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