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Shell said it would vigorously defend itself against both actions.
For that reason, lenders fight vigorously to be put on a college's preferred list.
The world's biggest retailer is defying its critics by continuing to grow vigorously.
The males vigorously go at it, attacking anything that moves, including other males or fluttering leaves.
The less-than-ideal level of protection for that vaccine is part of why other options are being explored so vigorously.
The water is vigorously shaken after the material is added.
The faculty wanted an academic leader who would ensure that its needs and priorities were represented vigorously to the president.
They were hunted vigorously until they were completely eliminated from many areas.
Leroy vigorously argues that bats should not be culled.
Knock the plant from its container and cut out a small, vigorously growing section.
Apple has vigorously pursued companies and individuals in the past to protect its copyright and trademark.
First, they must be ground up, mixed with water and stirred vigorously while some chemical seasoning is added.
Keep plants growing vigorously more add to my plant list.
The industry vigorously denies this-and it may well be right.
First she rams a thick twig into a termite hole and widens it by jiggling the stick vigorously.
Keep plants growing vigorously more add to my plant list enlarge.
Shining ultraviolet light on electrodes makes them spark more vigorously.
Punters who cruise red-light districts will be vigorously prosecuted and publicly shamed.
Dip a scrub brush into the liquid and scrub the furniture vigorously to remove the algae.
One finding on which researchers seem to agree is that consumers respond more vigorously to policies thought to be long-lasting.
All cotoneasters grow vigorously and thrive with little or no maintenance.
Certainly continue to apply vigorously for other positions until you've accepted an offer.
Their real crime seems to have been a failure to support the president vigorously enough during the election campaign.
The way to beat that tragic outcome is to exercise your puppy physically and mentally as often and as vigorously as possible.
And it was known that squirrels waved their tales more vigorously in the dark than in daylight.
They get daily shots of fertilizer in their irrigation water, so they grow quickly and vigorously.
They are generally made of nitrocellulose, and burn quite vigorously.
So far they have mostly been too busy signing up new subscribers to compete vigorously with each other.
If your dog is vigorously pulling you and not responding to correction on the buckle collar, you need to up the ante a bit.
In smaller matters, where he could interfere, he did so vigorously.
The government is expected to increase public spending vigorously in the second half of next year.
We need to develop and apply to sciences of mind more vigorously and identify who are at risk for such behavior early in life.
Besides a free press, the country now has vigorously contested elections at all levels, from president down to village chief.
The company vigorously denies the allegations and claims that any cuts are automated and coincidental.
Economists are arguing vigorously about how much damage falling house prices and the subprime mortgage crisis will do.
It has been recruiting vigorously online, at job fairs and outside unemployment offices.
She looked pale and worn, but she denied vigorously this evening that she was suffering from a nervous breakdown.
Add one egg, beating vigorously and rapidly with the spoon until it is well blended with the mixture.
Ah, let me write that question down and vigorously avoid eye contact.
Before long they will resume upward growth, even more vigorously than before.
They lobby vigorously against anything that might cramp their freedom.
Put the flour, egg and a third of the water into a bowl, and mix vigorously with a whisk.
There are a number of other pieces of evidence of life collected from extremely old rocks, but these have been vigorously debated.
Then stir vigorously- preferably with chopsticks, which prevents the rice turning mushy-and serve into two bowls.
As she balances herself expertly on the wire, she sways vigorously from side to side to show off her acrobatic skills.
We will vigorously support scientists who pursue this research.
The company said that, under the law, it's required to vigorously defend trademarks or risk losing them.
Airlines vigorously oppose higher taxes for fear they would discourage travel.
He vigorously opposed the rising heresies of that age.
Let stand one hour, then stir vigorously for five minutes.
He vigorously opposed the motion, but was compelled to acquiesce.
As soon as boiling-point is reached, add flour all at once, and stir vigorously.
And he smote on the right hand and on the left so vigorously that well-nigh at every stroke he struck down a knight.
The case is vigorously stated, but is not at all overcharged.
He turned over another page and scrawled vigorously for the twenty minutes that was left of the hour.
When the chop came he vigorously peppered it and salted it.
Fight vigorously against the wolves, but on behalf of the sheep, not against the sheep.
Unfortunately, because of the nature of our world, artists are required to vigorously defend their copyright or they lose it.
But scientists still vigorously debate whether that risk can be extrapolated down to even lower exposures.
It reduced the nuclear threshold near to zero, and was vigorously opposed by arms control advocates.
Only those compounds that closed the channels while the nerve fired vigorously became drug candidates.
The relative velocity would depend on how vigorously the bombers were corkscrewing as they flew.
It has no endowment cushion and does not have fancy buildings allowing it to compete vigorously in the academic arms race.
When someone denies interest in a job too vigorously, that's almost always a sign of stealth.
It must be because my file was not carefully prepared and vigorously presented.
There's something strange about this deftly written and vigorously acted movie.
Today's space cadets will, no doubt, oppose that claim vigorously.
Beating the indices on a regular basis is difficult, and low-fee rivals are competing ever more vigorously.
But they object vigorously to being misled about the state of the economy.
Thanks to their low debt levels, many big emerging economies used fiscal and monetary stimulus vigorously and effectively.
The big exchanges have begun to compete more vigorously with each other.
He has campaigned more vigorously than they have too.
The tobacco industry is, unsurprisingly, fighting the suit vigorously.
The neurons fired more vigorously when the monkey made up his mind to go for it.
Since then, academia has chosen to pursue vigorously its new-found freedom.
Apparently you can wrap your head around the fact that other rational thinkers can vigorously disagree with you.
It has been vigorously defended by bishops, some of whom defrocked priests who refused to teach it.
Right now the global capitalist system is vigorously expanding in both scope and intensity.
We've all backed away from this fellow while vigorously nodding our heads in agreement.
Of course, practical enforcement would be vigorously opposed and would take years to implement.
Debris researchers argue vigorously about whether collisional cascading has begun.
Many study participants who lived vigorously into old age had highly stressful jobs.
But she suddenly stood, turned around, and began to lick the calf vigorously.
What makes reading it so thrilling is that the author is vigorously thinking through the meaning of fire on every page.
Don't stir too vigorously or you may end up wearing the fondue.
For that matter, the civil libertarians who vigorously opposed these policies are by and large still opposing them now.
Stir vigorously, then gently, almost constantly as the broth evaporates and becomes incorporated into the rice.
Add lemon juice and stir vigorously with pestle to incorporate.
Meanwhile, cover grits with water in a large bowl and whisk vigorously.
Steamed glutinous rice is vigorously pounded with a mallet until it achieves an even stickier consistency.
When you're ready to add the oil, do it in a slow stream and whisk vigorously.
Rwandans shake hands vigorously upon meeting, they don't hug.
Animal-rights groups have lobbied vigorously to free the chimps from allegedly inhumane treatment there.
Then, nearly two days after surgery, his heart muscle miraculously came alive and pumped vigorously on its own.
Mice typically gnaw vigorously at the cotton, shredding it to make soft igloos for sleeping and staying warm.
When the situation demands it, the muscles of mammal hearts grow larger and pump more vigorously.
In test tanks it had responded vigorously to their commands.
He must have been bruised from vigorously patting himself on the back while writing it.
When he heard hollow sounds that betrayed the presence of cracks, he pummelled the rocks more vigorously until pieces broke off.
The term stuck and remained vigorously alive well into the twentieth century.
Those who consider themselves experts on his work argue vigorously about what he painted and what he did not.
Their loyalties are divided, but never before have they protested so vigorously.
Wash often and vigorously, and with water as hot as tolerable.
And two, both countries are still vigorously testing and building new nuclear warheads, even as they get rid of a few old ones.
Suddenly a bang rings out, and the image shakes vigorously as the cameraman runs for his life.
In fact, it's been growing quietly but vigorously over the past decade.

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