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It stirs the oceans with more vigor, and ever so slowly provides energy to the water world too.
No one questioned his renewed energy and vigor, because he had always been vivacious.
Another type is meant to stimulate root growth, stem vigor, and flower and fruit production.
Mine look a little better than yours but remain stunted with no vine vigor whatsoever.
Yet many colleges remain slow to react to that threat, and have failed to tackle security issues with appropriate vigor.
Manufacturing may ultimately be central to the vigor of a nation's democracy.
There are several less easily described concepts floating around, with equal vigor.
In government laboratories and elsewhere, scientists are seeking a drug able to prolong life and youthful vigor.
Cells that would have formed the outside of the placenta failed to grow and proliferate with their normal vigor, the group found.
And the theory brought renewed vigor to the debate about the benefits of moderate alcohol intake.
Thank you for contributing and responding with such vigor.
But as the continents spread, the ocean currents churned with ever more vigor.
Discovery's return to space last year was supposed to signal the shuttle program's renewed vigor.
However if a new model does not account for many of the aspects of the known universe pursuing with vigor seems misdirected.
If you are standing, your heart pumps away with enough vigor to push a supply of fresh blood upward to your brain.
Some of them, particularly the right to own things, she has exercised with vigor.
But then there's straight-up rock, played with vigor and swagger.
Vagueness on certain points would then become an enemy to be contested with some vigor.
The nation's service exports depend on the vigor of its future manufacturing base.
Chiefly, you stop editing yourself with sufficient vigor.
But there were no signs of diminished vigor or control on that evening.
Impartial vigor and example are the best means of governing.
He had steeled his right arm against it, and fought it with the vigor of determination.
Work was therefore pushed with great vigor on the defences, to enable the minimum number of troops to hold the fort.
Let that be done and the principle of popular sovereignty will be maintained in all of its vigor and all of its integrity.
He had entered on his career with great vigor, and intended to make a considerable impression on his fellowmen.
Instantly the paleness left his face, and healthy vigor returned to his body.
And yet persons equipped with neither may perceive the magnificent vigor of the narrative.
Alone of the whole party, and thanks to the stolen food he had kept in full flesh and bodily vigor.
The vigor of this poem is no less remarkable than its pathos.
Dave, you cannot win a drug war, but that does not stop the government from fighting one with great vigor.
What helped sell them was their potential for vigor and big bean yields.
Sometimes, to make your point, you have to defend the opposing view with vigor.
Southern food once owed much of its variety and agricultural vigor to wild plants.
Our interaction was refreshingly orderly, noble in its vigor, dignified despite its shamelessness.
We are trying to foster renewed vigor in agriculture.
After all, there are lots of laws, not all of them enforced with vigor.
But you wouldn't know it from the vigor with which they do it in the fashion industry.
The storytelling and filmmaking vigor never lets up.
Still, for all their nationalist vigor, these vast-budget ventures are reliant on foreign help.
It's unusual for top-quality bulbs to lose their vigor after five years.
People may retain many qualities and abilities as they age, but the vigor and ambition essential for leadership often fall away.
Nevertheless, vigor testing is used by all major seed companies internally which argues for the value of this information.
Their vigor combined with a lack of natural enemies often leads to outbreak populations.
Fertilizer applied during the seeding year usually does not increase stand density, but will increase plant vigor.
Fertilize trees in the spring and water well during drought to maintain tree vigor.
These fungi grow on the leaf surface and reduce the photosynthetic properties and overall vigor of the plant.
Fertilize trees in the spring and water during dry weather to maintain tree vigor.
The greenness maps show the health and vigor of the vegetation.

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