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Example sentences for vigils

The page contains detailed information about community vigils, links to news reports and words of support and remembrance.
Thousands have joined torchlight vigils in her memory.
After repeated press reports and non-stop candle-lit vigils, a sixth decided to follow suit.
None of the other vigils attracted more than a few hundred people.
Walk through the cemeteries at night to see the elaborate candle-lit vigils people have created for their ancestors.
Candlelight vigils were held worldwide until he died five days later barely alive.
The pattern of closings has emerged across the country, sometimes leading to protest vigils and church occupations.
Militant suffragists used tactics such as parades, silent vigils, and hunger strikes.
Several vigils have been held and a memorial has been erected at the scene of the collision.
Repeat visits to families and neighborhoods, as well as candlelight vigils are examples.
Actually, the evening itself has the feeling of those candlelight vigils.

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