vigilantly in a sentence

Example sentences for vigilantly

Students vigilantly avoided red and were strongly attracted to blue.
Most people aren't inveterate skeptics vigilantly testing each anecdote to make sure it is representative of an overall pattern.
Now, residents vigilantly protect their unique traditions from too much outside encroachment.
The border between theft and borrowing is also vigilantly patrolled by scholars.
Travelers in these areas should bring antimalarial medication and vigilantly use an insect repellent spray.
But while the government vigilantly patrols our physical borders, it is doing precious little to control our electronic ones.
Global enforcement of minimum standards of living will have to be vigilantly pursued to mitigate corporate exploitation.
We must vigilantly patrol our coasts and airspace until further notice.
Wall says that tent camps are being vigilantly tracked by humanitarian aid agencies.
We will vigilantly monitor our preparedness and capability and continuously adjust to the changing threats to our community.
Demonstrates the current knowledge and skills necessary to courteously, vigilantly, and effectively perform screening functions.
Law enforcement agencies must understand this modern threat and guard vigilantly against it.
Do not plant wineberry unless you are prepared to contain it vigilantly to prevent unintentional spread.
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