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The changes in the viewpoint of the leaders of thought came as a shock to the pillars of conservatism.
From the viewpoint of centuries, the questions that come to us are narrowed and few.
His viewpoint was totally different from that of the trapper or pioneer, explorer or traveller.
If any one thus denies the determination of natural phenomena at one such point, he has vitiated the entire scientific viewpoint.
To put our viewpoint somewhat differently, language is primarily a pre-rational function.
Unfortunately, the article presents only one viewpoint.
Their form is lenticular, yielding effects of flickering animation when your viewpoint shifts.
It's actually a heavy book, guided by a challenging viewpoint.
Same church, even the same viewpoint-he had rented a room across the street.
But some researchers are cautioning against what they consider a simplistic and pessimistic viewpoint.
Each student in a group should be given the opportunity to present information from the viewpoint of his or her specific role.
Since plastic bags do not biodegrade, recycling would seem the better alternative from an ecological viewpoint.
It was unique to hear the story from the main character's viewpoint.
Each station offers visitors a different viewpoint and experience.
Regardless of their ideological viewpoint, they're able to incorporate the squealing wheel into their general position.
Central to my own viewpoint is the concept of positive feedback.
Given that gays are often born into straight families, perhaps my viewpoint is a marker of privilege.
In my experience her viewpoint is the norm rather than the exception.
From the viewpoint of the entrepreneur, wages are an unfortunate cost of production.
There are only two options for them, and the distance to the other possible viewpoint is too far.
Government was to keep its hands off regulating speech on the basis of its subject matter or viewpoint.
Why are you bothering to solve a problem that frankly doesnt exist from your limited viewpoint.
Still, it irks me to read about looming problems when all it takes is a different viewpoint and they disappear.
When a life cycle viewpoint is taken then emissions at power stations are also considered.
So using fiscal policy for direct short-term stimulus is not helpful from a macroeconomic viewpoint.
It is a viewpoint that is commonly advanced by business-school faculty.
There are many learned comments here, all with a valuable viewpoint.
As the globe spins and switches from one viewpoint to another, it can even induce vertigo.
From the viewpoint of self-government there could be scope for some other powers.
All the writers discussed here are interesting from an historical viewpoint, but only some reach the peaks of genius.
The experiment is to be done from the viewpoint of someone who has not yet taken the action.
Yet from a strictly commercial viewpoint, the lesson is clear.
From a political viewpoint you are missing the forest from the trees.
It's our old friend human nature fornicating with the short term viewpoint.
From an economics viewpoint, industrial policies have been discussed as a policy tool for correcting a market failure.
In the above example one party, after great suffering, seeks to adopt an altruistic viewpoint to conclude the war.
Here is another example of academic research supporting this viewpoint.
And that's doubly true, he adds, if the offending one-star viewpoint is offset by a slew of four- and five-star raves.
Greg's viewpoint morphs from diary drawings to real life a few times during the movie.
Government may not restrict or penalize speech because of its content or its viewpoint.
Theirs is a fringe viewpoint, irrelevant to the discussion.
The whole concept of global warming fits perfectly into a religious viewpoint.
Under the last viewpoint, there is not contradictions on the second law of thermodynamics.
For example, animals can rely on their viewpoint-dependent memory of visual scenes.
They are not burdened or graced, depending on your viewpoint, with the power of choice.
It is a ecological viewpoint that a species is not even a species onto itself outside its natural habitat.
As always, this is one idiosyncratic viewpoint, and others should be offered in the comments.
The comments in this page are riddled with bias and are likely to sway readers toward the author's viewpoint.
From that viewpoint, it's quite clear that astrology is not a science.
The notion that everyone has a single coherent overarching viewpoint on the world strikes me as counterfactual and unreasonable.
It is a perceived reality and is always accurate within that viewpoint.
It's the only really scientific viewpoint, in my opinion.
People call you closed-minded because your viewpoint doesn't agree with theirs, plain and simple.
Which is only an opinion, others may have dissenting viewpoint.
Once again you have proven yourself to be singlemindedly focused on your viewpoint without examining the evidence.
My aim was to encourage him, to strengthen his position from a moral viewpoint.
It turns out to be the product of a decidedly partial viewpoint.
Here's a look at the matchups from an offensive viewpoint.

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