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Place the plant in the container off-center and rotated forward at a slight angle to face the viewer.
The composition should naturally take a viewer's eyes to the focal point, but it is not the case with this photograph.
They now reach out and grab the viewer and create a psychological experience.
If there is a political subtext to these paintings, the viewer has to supply it.
The line between exhibition space and viewer space is sometimes clear and sometimes not.
They reach out and grab the viewer and create a psychological experience.
All the viewer needs to know is that they are in the world of dinosaurs.
It heightens the sense that the philosophers make an appearance from another space, and luminously hover in the viewer's space.
The viewer gets reformatted, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot.
Incoming photons take a curved path from the sky to the viewer's eye.
The master designed his compositions to account for relative positions of painting and viewer.
Other critics focused on the problems with the data, which users of the n-gram viewer discovered for themselves.
When a viewer apprehends what is being communicated in a shot or a series of shots, they blink.
All that's left for a viewer to do is to pick a task and relax.
It is likely that every stream of a copied show represents a lost viewer on television.
Today it is hundreds if not thousands of channels and the viewer probably never bother to count.
They are shown here on video, which requires a leap of imagination for the viewer.
There is no doubt about it that abstract art is really what the viewer makes of it.
They could buy each unique viewer sees my commercial n times every month.
What is particular is how vibrantly these artists communicate with the viewer.
In the later versions, the slashed edges of the canvas face inward, towards the back of the canvas and away from the viewer.
The difference in value between a broadcast viewer and an online equivalent is around three to one.
Select a setting above the viewer and watch the world spring to life on a series of thematic maps.
Remember to use color creatively in an image to leave an overall impression on the viewer.
In a crowd of muted tones, the pink purse screams at the viewer and creates curious questions.
Look for elements that will reinforce your feeling and convey it to the viewer.
But the communications with the dead went by without raising a single goose bump on this suggestible viewer's skin.
These pictures of knowns and unknowns remove a barrier, bringing the subject near to the viewer, sometimes uncomfortably so.
The casual viewer sees little but per-inquiry spots for gold scams where the adult diaper commercials ought to be.
It's a bad model if you're a viewer interested in anything idiosyncratic.
Her elegant flowers, vibrantly alive and sensuous, put the viewer in the perspective of a bee entering a blossom.
She makes eye contact not with the viewer but with herself-watching herself watch herself, in an extended but closed loop.
But the elaborately accommodating, modestly palatial arrangement whets a viewer's powers of attention.
But the exercise doesn't leave a viewer much to do, beyond admiring its cleverness.
Still, a viewer could tell that something wasn't right.
We get them morsel by morsel, and the brisk dicing between them can catch the viewer unprepared.
His transformation takes place because it's written in the script, but is neither experienced by him nor by the viewer.
The receding walls and the darkened windows, as uniform as prison windows, eat up the viewer.
But her cynosure as an artist is a disciplined evacuation of psychic distance between her subjects and the viewer.
Its musically sequenced zips present one-to-one correspondences with the viewer's body.
It's a problem when the viewer has to make excuses for bad writing.
The answer is that you tell a story-a story about the viewer, and the product's place in her life.
Visual impressions are related to a sound which, ultimately, acts as the link across time between the project and the viewer.
What it will not really stand up as is a viewer's guide.
It then creates pairs of slightly different images that the viewer's brain combines to produce the sensation of depth.
Then as the viewer moves his or her head, the perspective can be made to change.
The device is actually a combination of two cameras: one corresponds to the viewer's left eye, the other to the right.
But viewing technology's contribution so far has been to allow the viewer not to watch the advertising.
Be aware of where the viewer is standing at all times.
It relentlessly beats the viewer into submission over the course of two and a half hours.
At the same time, a fashion-conscious viewer will be struck by how much of the costuming still appears relevant to today's style.
To the average viewer, such indiscretions make him a laughable buffoon.
We're doing the same thing-trying to amuse and attract the viewer and keep him from turning it off and going to sleep.
We'll leave it to the viewer to discern which is which.
At this point, the viewer could be directly linked to a local sporting-goods store that sells rafts.
With so much data at their cursor-tip, the photographer-and the viewer-can change the focus of the shot with a simple click.
Other critics focused on the problems with the data, which users of the n-gram viewer discovered for themselves.
The video is of a rocket plume, where the nozzle is pointing at the viewer.
It talks to you the viewer as if the police are out to get you.
People exposed to cotton underarm pads worn by moviegoers can tell whether a viewer was scared or amused.
The show does a great job of incorporating a learning factor without making it seem lecturing to the viewer.
As it has been suggested by other commenters it's probably directly related to the viewer's audition.
Turns out it would be highly oblate, and because of the way light works the horizon would appear to be above the viewer.
They are much too intelligent, insightful, and logical for the average viewer.
The viewer is either on the planet or somewhere within its atmosphere because the sun has an aureole.
My biggest problem with the study is that the fixed camera removes perceived intent from the part of the viewer.
Its a painting of a pipe, reminding the viewer that the image is not a pipe.
It draws the viewer in and makes them feel involved.
Conventional wisdom says commercial breaks are bad for the viewer.
It had a story and stars that persuaded the viewer to get lost in the fiction.
Currently in its fifth season, the show offers a form of democracy by allowing the winner to be decided by viewer votes.
The film isn't obligated to be neutral, but it's so bullying and one-sided that a viewer feels guilty for agreeing with it.
The first method allows the use of an interactive viewer to select subbasin units at the fourth level of the hierarchy.
Successful printing of patent images is entirely dependent on the user's browser and image viewer software.
Simply provide them with the appropriate viewer along with your files.
And even for this viewer, the show can elicit wildly different reactions within the course of one episode.
Whether that is true or not is really less relevant to a viewer of his statement than the statement itself.
In it, he is seated before an easel and faces the viewer.

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