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Example sentences for victorious

He is also the only one of the three main party leaders to end up on the victorious side.
The knights all left the same day but returned victorious on different days.
Victorious cards go in one pile, and defeated cards go in another.
Outside, the roar of the victorious mob grew louder.
The long term wars in history were always victorious if supported by strong economy.
Some victorious prince needed to bury it in a hurry and was never able to get back there.
He may be chosen, but he can only be victorious in concert with others.
They have every right to be celebrating and feeling victorious on this day.
But worries persist that, if victorious, they might try to introduce sterner and more discriminatory laws.
We seriously doubt he would be victorious in a hearing, so the two sides will likely settle somewhere around the midpoint.
May your soldiers come home victorious, he adds, to more applause.
There is a light if unmistakably victorious ring to their voices.
As one group of victorious donors recedes into happy complacency, another rises to displace it.
The prophecy meant that the side that lost its general would be victorious.

Famous quotes containing the word victorious

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