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Example sentences for viciously

It viciously attacks the policies and the character of a president who belongs to the opposing political party.
My whole body was sore, as if a gang of boxers had punched me viciously.
To see you even after you were viciously attacked with a smile on your face astounded me.
They even criticized their publisher viciously in public.
They know full well how viciously everyone denounces them every day in private.
We demand panache from our politicians, but punish them viciously whenever they say something close to true.
Our other problem is, two and some times three of the males will fight viciously for no apparent reason.
It can swing viciously and it has a dry sense of humor.
They fly viciously through the air attacking the base of the skull of anyone within range.
Even when its characters are sniping viciously at one another, their underlying camaraderie is palpable.
Booth sank a viciously sharp seven-inch blade into his arm, opening a wound from elbow to shoulder.
In any ecosystem in which they occur, redwoods are viciously aggressive and tend to dominate.
Employers have all the power right now and they are wielding it viciously.
Not only is it lashing out viciously with killings, beatings and midnight arrests of dissidents.
She acted viciously, she was found to have violated the judicial canons and she did it again when she said she would not.
And their home state reps and senators viciously protect defense contracts.
Frosted over evergreens viciously shake off the newly fallen snow.
It will flatten its head and body, strike viciously when cornered, and may inflict a serious scratch but it is not poisonous.
If cornered they sometimes flatten their necks and strike viciously.

Famous quotes containing the word viciously

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