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It is too early to draw any conclusions about their viability.
The market for college presidents does not approach this level of viability.
Such fees will help ensure the long term economic viability of the center, planners say.
Mathematical modeling shows viability of a motorcycle that could run on compressed air.
But economic viability has remained tantalizingly out of reach.
Other speakers questioned the viability of communal spaces.
The team is currently looking at the viability of trying to start this company.
Yet talk to those on the ground, and deepening economic gloom has them worried about the viability of government reforms.
Climate, environment and location can limit or enhance the viability of a solar energy system.
The credibility and viability of science are not enhanced by such behavior.
Their efforts demonstrate an indisputable viability in the marketplace.
Yet the territory is once more wondering about the peg's viability.
In addition, destruction of habitat threatens the viability of species that have a narrow niche.
It doesn't prove much about the viability of hydrogen-powered cars.
But nobody knows anything more about the euro's long-term viability today than they did ten months ago.
The plane is one of several vehicles being used to test the viability of the reusable rocket launcher.
He weighs his issues in effectiveness as well as political viability.
Critics of electric cars frequently argue that their viability depends on government subsidies.
As for the viability of those ideas, you be the judge.
These are the places that helped to establish photography's viability as an art form as well as to create a business model.
Long-term value generation is compromised by short-term gains that undermine the long-term viability of a company.
The oil majors watched from the sidelines as more entrepreneurial drillers proved shale's viability.
All this puts the viability of using market mechanisms, the lowest-cost solutions to climate change, in political jeopardy.
Two important considerations for answering his question are regulatory compliance and economic viability.
Such actions are consistent with the government's interest in protecting citizens and creating long-term vitality and viability.
The article was about the comparative long-term viability of economic systems.
Our defense spending does pose a real long term threat to our viability that our enemies simply do not.
Not only that, cities may be one of the best options for the long-term viability of the species.
All that is certain is that dinosaur skeletons demonstrate the viability, for a time, of certain dimensions and conformations.
But the old struggles are now evaporating and with them, the viability of the structures that grew around them.
Six decades later, the program is as popular as ever, but once again some voices are questioning its viability.
He's testing the waters, and if he finds any viability, he's in.
When people realize they may have to do work, they are likely to snap to attention, if only to argue against the task's viability.
Rather, they understand that the boundaries of discourse translate into politically viability.
Finally, don't take this year as an indication of your viability on the job market.
Even without actual legislation, the fear of it is already reducing the viability of coal plants.
By pursuing all the alternatives it is only a matter of time before a breakthrough will increase their viability.
Investors are turning up the heat as they recognize that sustainability is important to companies' economic viability.
For example, oil companies are required to recalculate the viability of their reserves each year, using the oil price at year-end.
Ingenious it may be, but commercial viability is a long way off.
Surveys almost always point to the viability of a third party.
Certain quarters have long hated, resented and or doubted the euro's viability.
They do not care about their own long term economic viability.
Secondly, they had to get talent-preferably famous talent-in line both to ensure the film's viability and to beat the drum for it.
Some of the newer tracks have yet to prove their financial viability.
The road to viability for any aspiring commercial launch winds through a bureaucratic maze.
But is raises questions about the viability of the unusual system in place to allow player movement between the two countries.
Utilities have been reluctant to invest in alternative power sources of unproven economic viability.
The exchange of metabolites is dependent on cell viability and metabolism.
The viability of these proposals has yet to be proved.
And viability will only get pushed to earlier and earlier.
Once viability is shown, or the limits are known, let business go at it.
The viability of the open society depends on the balance between minimum state control and minimum personal constraints.
The technology is not science fiction: fuel cells are on their way toward commercial viability.
We have already seen the dramatic consequences on the viability of commercial companies in the real economy.
As a result, the failure of one firm threatened the viability of many others.
And public opinion polls are a strong if imperfect indication of a candidate's viability.
But the dynamics of industrial capitalism destroyed the viability of the free-labor dream.
Of course, they will also care more about economic viability than the average politician would.
The second would create an indexing system to rank the viability of patent applications.
There is real market viability for cloud computing and software as a services solutions.
The jury's always out on the commercial viability of any new technology, before its developers' claims can be accepted.
The inability to do anything other than previous patterns will reduce viability.
Commercial viability can only be proven in a commercial market.
The poll is more a measure of attendance than electoral viability though.
But the corollary of viability has been increased frustration, with on-time performance plunging to near record lows.

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