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The lack of fingerprints can cause vexing social problems, which are magnified because few people have heard of the condition.
Knowing how to measure the rise, however, can be vexing.
Even more vexing was the weariness and pain he felt each evening, when he finally had a chance to rest his limbs.
Sometimes it takes a small, focused company to solve a vexing design dilemma.
Riding the rails to a land that needs fixing, where the sun shines so brightly, the heat was quite vexing.
Bouncing back from insults, slights, or the endless forms of bullying is one of life's more vexing challenges.
In this respect it can provide a fresh disciplined scientific approach to many vexing questions.
But the vexing questions of this war have pulled them in different directions.
Some lawyers, however, say the use of the law raises vexing legal issues and could create even more work for municipal courts.
No one doubts that this is both morally vexing and economically inefficient.
How far they might go to stop this remains a vexing question.
Our current debate illustrates why our policy challenge is so vexing.
To have it turn into an instrument of the de-railers is vexing.
Sci, as you said, the problem of coming up with an acceptable definition of motivation is totally vexing.
But the same diagnostics also raise vexing ethical questions.
The vexing remnant of the old-fashioned had to be swept away.
The apparent purposelessness of the balloon was vexing.
That's a vexing question political campaigns have been asking for decades.
But in plays these vexing questions are mercifully moot: the characters speak for themselves.
Immediately, he became the commission chairman, and before long helped resolve a vexing personnel problem.
The whole business gets ever more difficult and vexing.
We discussed the vexing problems of variable lane conditions.
Consider the vexing question of charm, and the colorlessness of life without it.
During that time they recorded ten instances of vexing, possibly artificial readings that did not repeat.
But there is a vexing problem that these new editions raise.
How long a technical civilization is likely to last is a vexing question.
Not surprisingly, the project posed some unique and vexing challenges.
And then there was that vexing question of his family's nationality.
In addition to the challenges described above, other vexing issues must be addressed.
Organizations and individuals have recently had to contend with particularly vexing computer attacks.

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Hats have never at all been one of the vexing problems of my life, but, indifferent as I am, these render m... more
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