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Example sentences for vexatious

After years of toil, disappointment and vexatious delays, this invention has been fully matured in all its details.
Nor, thanks to the political parties themselves, is it always easy to tell whether an allegation is vexatious or not.
The job is as severe and vexatious as humanity can possibly endure and gets more so every year.
Air travel has become more vexatious as security checks grow more frequent and rigorous.
Maybe they should try sending photo-copies or unofficial copies of the birth certificate to these vexatious members of the public.
No enemy is so despicable but he may do one a vexatious turn.
Thus indeed, when the case was in the best position, it came through his vexatious tyranny into a much worse one.
Moreover, there is a vexatious probability that important facts remain unknown.
The complaint alleged breach of the insurance contract, and vexatious refusal to pay.
Appellant further agreed to be determined a vexatious litigator.
Count seven set forth a cause of action for common-law vexatious litigation.
The committee next turned to the topic of a proposed rule addressing vexatious litigants.
Showing that a vexatious lawsuit was filed is not enough by itself.

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It is always so pleasant to be generous, though very vexatious to pay debts.... more
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