vetoed in a sentence

Example sentences for vetoed

When this was rejected, it vetoed the treaty itself.
But that idea was vetoed by the keepers of the government purse, who considered it premature.
So this would be akin to being vetoed by editor of a journal after receiving positive reviews.
To their discredit, they did so toward the end of the session, after the trustees had already vetoed the case.
Bush vetoed similar legislation last year, and has promised to veto this bill if it reaches his desk.
His father vetoed his wish to be a painter and steered him toward architecture.
He was a big spender too and he never vetoed anything.
Another problem with the jobs metric: success as a governor depends largely upon legislation signed or vetoed during one's tenure.
In his first months in office, he vetoed outright almost half of all bills brought to his desk in order to cut spending.
The little personal finance guru who lives in my head reluctantly vetoed the expenditure.
Bush vetoed that appropriation and said he would only sign an appropriation that funded open-ended war.
Bush has vetoed not a single spending measure and keeps proposing even more spending.
The state's governor vetoed it, so the legislature has now called for a study of the effectiveness of capital punishment.
To nobody's surprise, all three were vetoed by the same council, which also acts as an upper house.
On a roll, he vetoed the firefighters contract and the entire city budget.
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