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One of the emerging disciplines in veterinary science and medicine is the study of the human-animal bond.
Kittens will be delivered via private jet courier to pre-selected veterinary offices where owners can pick them up.
Illicit use ketamine is commonly diverted from veterinary sources.
Field was a veterinarian who, having practiced privately for years, had decided to pursue a doctorate in veterinary epidemiology.
We are starting by studying heat loss through the eyes and nares of animals being restrained for routine veterinary procedures.
But she was known for providing veterinary and surgical care at the other sanctuaries.
Of course, the way veterinary antibiotics are used is not the only cause of human drug-resistant infections.
Professional courses in medicine, veterinary medicine, and law typically take five years.
The continent, however, does produce some of the world's top veterinary livestock research.
Few of the changes in the handling and presenting of animals would be possible had great progress not come in veterinary care.
Pets are increasingly being diagnosed and having treatment protocols developed by folks without veterinary training: their owners.
The leopard, which suffered injuries caused by knives and batons, died later in the evening at a veterinary center.
These instructions apply if you are filing for an original veterinary technician license either because you.
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