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Steroids weren't helping, so her veterinarian suggested that they do a magnetic resonance imaging exam on his lower spine.
She aspires to be a veterinarian and has made good grades in her science-heavy coursework as a biochemistry major.
Consult your local professional or veterinarian for further advice.
There is a problem with the way the veterinarian community behaves.
We deeply mourn the loss of our dear friend and veterinarian.
The income from the sale of their raw, unpasteurized milk pays for their grain and the bills from the veterinarian.
The veterinarian responds to wild animals in trouble, often because of contact with humans.
Which leads to the next problem, he now has a fear of the veterinarian.
Workers there used her tags to phone her veterinarian.
They are fed good food prescribed by their veterinarian.
If someone needs some teeth pulled, he might do some comparative shopping with his veterinarian.
She wants to do this because she really wants to become a veterinarian, and her background is not in science.
In that case, my anthropological observations were wedged between call-in queries to my fellow guest, a veterinarian.
Fortunately, my husband's best friend is a veterinarian.
There were exhibits of new mechanical devices used in farming, including a mechanized veterinarian's operating table.
There are countries that have not a single veterinarian.
Many have scars and are not friendly, but the marina administration supplies food and veterinarian attention to the cats.
Field was a veterinarian who, having practiced privately for years, had decided to pursue a doctorate in veterinary epidemiology.
If the vaccination records or certificate are hand-written, they must be signed by your veterinarian.
So when it comes time for them to die, they'll meet their end naturally or at the hand of a veterinarian.
If you haven't already, see your veterinarian to rule out feline infectious diseases immediately.
In a declaw surgery, the veterinarian is amputating the last bone, which contains the growth plate for the claws.
Being a veterinarian: clinical studies, biomedical research.
One dispenser of such remedies was not a physician at all, but a veterinarian.

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