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Ostriches primarily eat vegetable matter, but they are omnivores that will snap up insects and small vertebrates alike.
Indeed, the project's main aim is to explain how vertebrates use perception to guide their movements.
The species that are being lost rapidly are the large vertebrates that conservationists were worried about in the first place.
In vertebrates this protein is found in retinal cells, where it transduces the energy of light into a nerve signal to the brain.
We need a third party to rise up and rescue the reasonable, realistic vertebrates from the two big disfunctional parties.
Other ibis mummy snacks identified in the new study include cereal grains and small vertebrates such as fish.
The sacrum is the bony structure that connects the spine to the hips in vertebrates, including humans.
Only a few animals have been shown to possess true navigation-and all but the lobster are vertebrates.
One fifth of the world's vertebrates are threatened with extinction.
Lancelets and vertebrates share a similar anatomy, but a lancelet is not a vertebrate quite yet.
Yet a salamander's limb is unique in the world of vertebrates in that it can regrow from a stump after an amputation.
Brunet says she wants see if the results can be replicated in vertebrates, such as fish and mammals.
But small-brained mammals and other vertebrates have relatively smooth brains.
Tiny vertebrates reveal changes that make miniaturization possible.
Taken together with molecular data, the new evidence aligns the shelled vertebrates with another group of reptiles, the diapsids.
We know binocular vision evolved several times independently in vertebrates.
Other theories about the relative complexity of some plants to vertebrates call on genetic efficiencies.
Concerning bone histology, all vertebrates are involved.
In lower vertebrates, certain regions of the frontal lobes have maps for smell and taste.
Both of those traits actually arose after the origin of snakes, and both also occur in other groups of vertebrates.
Their diet was loaded with purines, which cause high uric acid levels in the blood of modern meat-eating vertebrates.
They hover spectacularly and invite exploration of a gallery on the early history of vertebrates, animals with backbones.
It's no secret that an alarming number of species around the world, especially vertebrates, are in trouble.
In fact, it's the first such organism-within-cell partnership-known as endosymbiosis-ever observed in vertebrates.
In the big scheme of things, land vertebrates have never been particularly diverse.
That's the pattern that has evolved in other land vertebrates, such as in horses.
And one of these groups gave rise to the land vertebrates.
Among the back-boned vertebrates, there are only four groups that can sense infrared radiation.
All vertebrates, ourselves included, use hair cells in the inner ear to keep ourselves balanced.
All vertebrates that live on land--from humans to alligators to birds--are collectively known as tetrapods, meaning four feet.
The structure of many plants or the nervous and circulatory systems of vertebrates are good examples.
The spotted salamander's partnership is unique among vertebrates.
Among the vertebrates both mammals and birds have relatively large brains.
Jawless fish, an epic primer on the birth of vertebrates.
No flying vertebrates have gliders as a sister group.
What makes the leap possible is a trait shared by dinosaurs, crocodiles, and many other nonmammalian vertebrates.

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Brave men are all vertebrates; they have their softness on the surface and their toughness in the middle.... more
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