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They both claim to have identified the world's smallest known vertebrate.
They were also the first to note that the lancelet resembles a vertebrate.
It is also true that the introduction of big money has permanently changed vertebrate paleontology.
But the mammalian system was thought to represent a general rule among vertebrate species.
The vertebrate eye has been the favorite example of an irreducibly complex structure that can't function when you remove a piece.
Yet a number of fruits contain chemicals that vertebrate species find unpalatable.
Its brain cavity in proportion to the size of its body was more diminutive than that of any other vertebrate.
The new discovery poses a dilemma: mammals are now the only major vertebrate group where parthenogenesis has not been observed.
Conodonts are some of our earliest vertebrate ancestors.
Indeed, such benefits may explain why the rostral nostril rule applies to almost all vertebrate animals.
In comparison, turtle shells are part of the vertebrate animal's so-called endoskeleton, or skeleton from within the body.
The fossil provides the first ever snapshot of an ancient, three-level, vertebrate food chain.
The spider is the also first known predator that deliberately feeds on vertebrate blood by eating mosquitoes.
It's the only vertebrate known to naturally self-fertilize, for example.
The mola produces more eggs than any other vertebrate on the planet.
It is as impossible to turn a land vertebrate into a fish as it is to effect the reverse transformation.
But there's no way it's supporting any kind of vertebrate life.
In the presence of an armed threat, in the context of a sub-vertebrate bureaucracy, one should call the police.
Texans player walks again after cracking vertebrate last week.
The evidence suggests there's a huge continuity in intelligence among all vertebrate species.
They're actually the only organism that you could think of as being intelligent that's not a vertebrate.
He concluded that one day soon it might be possible to create such a six-limbed vertebrate.
My own view is that it is reasonable to suppose all vertebrate animals to be capable of feeling pain.
The world's smallest known vertebrate is a frog the size of a housefly, a new study says.
Scientists are much more concerned about vertebrate specimens, generally in shorter supply around the world.
We can sense behavioral patterns across vertebrate species.
The hippocampus is a seahorse-shaped section in the vertebrate brain that is crucial for long-term memory and spatial navigation.
That's why vertebrate eyes are round-to capture more of a scene without losing clarity.
It was a good summary of many important advances in vertebrate and primate paleontology.
Of all vertebrate animals, turtles have one of the stranger body plans.
People have wondered why there are so many big vertebrate fossils found around here, he says.
Laboratory synthesis of an independently reproducing vertebrate species.
Excluding access to invasion hubs can contain the spread of an invasive vertebrate.
That's pretty much everything that vertebrate brains do.

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