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The pesticides used in organic farming are about five versus hundreds of the conventional agriculture.
The difference being one of culture and history versus some notion of biology.
Once you have a folder of ideas, it's time to do a reality check on needs versus desires.
If there's a debate that sums up post-9/11 politics, it's security versus privacy.
Then he came back inside and tried to engage us in a conversation about literal versus figurative speech.
It's order versus chaos, which is what it always was.
But, she explains, there's a difference between a high-functioning workaholic versus a sloppy workaholic.
But in this instance, the trade-off is not merely one of extra costs for farmers versus extra comforts for their charges.
Try and find water that has different sources and compare such as well water versus treated water.
After all, the two types require seemingly disparate talents: physical prowess versus intellect.
Again, self-presentation and public versus private image were key concepts.
Savings amount to about a third versus buying the add-ons individually.
The orangutan evidence adds a new twist to the debate of arboreal versus terrestrial bipedalism theories.
The difference is audience and impact on the subfield versus impact on the broader field.
The difference in production is obviously not only one of mere pixels versus print.
It would be interesting to have these statistics shown separately for elected boards versus appointed boards.
No differences were found in basic versus applied science, or in the significance of findings.
The first test used visual clues such as parallel lines, curved versus straight lines, and holes.
We are using snow and ice anchors versus rock and steel anchors that the engineers are using.
One: the extent to which it was animal spirits and mistakes versus distorted incentives.
Stay tuned for great debates about the merits of cloud seeding versus conservation, and desalinization versus re-use.
Distributive versus procedural theories of fairness.
It appeared that he tried to use a rule on followup of informal versus formal complaints to let it die.
The argument, really, is about distance versus traditional education.
My concern is the low return versus cost or debt for advanced degrees is gradually destroying the collegiate arts and humanities.
The article rather was about the process and findings of science itself versus the claims of religious faith.
The researchers investigated the honey's activities versus three bacterial species that commonly infect wounds.
Perhaps, the scientists thought, the same would hold true for scrawny specimens versus the truly buff.
They figured out how much we're eating today versus three decades ago by comparing agricultural data from then and now.
We can see it from orbit, as electric light versus its absence.
The question of free will versus determinism has profound legal and moral implications.
Take economic profit versus psychological fairness as an example.
CU was measured continuously, versus categorically, to increase the power of the study.
There's no such thing as favorably funding science that supports versus science that contradicts.
In many ways, though, the continuing debate over taxes versus cap and trade is beside the point.
They should be more concerned with what happens to the water that is used versus how much of it is used.
What's important is how you're performing versus the rest of the stock market.
The versus games are starting to show up everywhere.
However, after pricing out rentals versus hotels, you may find the savings from rentals are worth making your own bed on vacation.
Governments should be rescuing the system without favor for domestic versus foreign beneficiaries.
Recognition versus recall, a previous poster postulated.
Time that has been caught on film versus time that has been manipulated for film.
But it is to suggest that the difference between sound versus unsound policy is not a simple matter of more versus less science.
It was us versus them, and it was clear who the them were.
Six out of ten report having experienced an extrasensory presence or power, versus only four out of ten among older generations.
And that's important, too: long-term versus short-term.
Particularly given how many questions executives were asked about serialized versus one-off storytelling.
Starting at the time of separation, the voles received unlimited access to alcohol in a two-bottle choice test versus water.
Science is a balance of trust versus skepticism, even at the best of times.
Someone should sit down and plot a graph of the heat capacities of the solar planets versus orbit.
Then he plotted all the planets versus distance from their parent stars.
The beauty of her approach is that this is meant to be a clean measure of spatial versus temporal components of the metric.
Kate's point about the difference between self-identified spectrum people versus who actually would fit is a really good point.
The nature-versus-nurture argument also extends to humor.
Think about efficiency versus effectiveness in another way.
Each of these plug-in hybrids operates differently when the battery is charged versus when it is largely depleted.
The profile of which genes are on versus off is constantly changing--with specific diseases such as cancer, for example.
The exponential rate versus voltage reminds me of tunneling behavior.
Further studies comparing mice with stable versus unstable plaque may help confirm the group's initial findings.
Talk to them, and you confront every modern challenge in weighing what medicine can do, versus what it should.
In that last point of food versus fuel, the naysayers have so far had the upper hand.
The problem in state government continues to be one of income versus expenses, despite last year's major income-tax increase.
It has good balance to it, versus one comment here and there.

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