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Example sentences for veritably

If this technology is indeed becoming commercial rather than experimental, it will have had a veritably mammoth gestation.
On the sixth level of the atrium, however, sits a new store that veritably begs your attention.
He has veritably knocked himself out with overintellectualization and contrivance.
It has never been restored and, indeed, looks veritably untouched since the emperor's ousting and hasty exile.
What is troubling is its use of a kind of distorted history to substantiate a veritably cultish, mythic vision.
In need of morphine after hip surgery, she is bedridden one moment and veritably bounding across the stage the next.
In reading these original sources one can veritably feel the pulse of living history.
She has learned to know that veritably those who live in one community are members one of another.
Our culture not only whispers, but veritably screams, that anything goes.
Moreover, the state is veritably ant-practicality anti-fitness.

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As yesterday and the historical ages are past, as the work of today is present, so some flitting perspectives and demi-e... more
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