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But experts say that these claims are often murky and not always externally verified.
Macroevolution has never ever been empirically observed or verified.
As part of this requirement, all processes and data must be independently verified by a third party.
It provides direct access to verified and non verified businesses.
Baraka said that he would not resign and that the facts in his poem can be verified.
Under both systems, absurd questions are asked but the answers are never verified.
There is not a single verified measurement of a virtual particle.
But federal law said little about how these ballots should later be verified and counted.
The ownership would then be verified and the money returned, if the plane is indeed privately held.
In their latest work, they verified that the blend of chemicals makes the lab animals feverish as well.
The offer will not be released until the official copy of your transcript has been received and verified.
The video could not be immediately verified independently.
The report of fresh fighting also could not be verified.
If you claim to have a degree, it will be verified and your references will be checked.
Opinions matter more than experimentally verified facts.
Important faxes should always be verified by the recipient.
Before this happens, its effectiveness will need to be verified by other researchers.
Generalized accusations that unions make it difficult to fire bad teachers are never verified with actual case examples.
There will literally be thousands of people whose caste information cannot be verified but will have to be taken at face value.
They're technically not eligible, maybe--but their eligibility probably won't be verified.
Remember that there are still deniers of these verified theories and the laws they imply.
Unknown precisely because they have not verified yet.
In fact the increase in acidification is an easily verified measurement.
If the reverse is slower, then this experiment will only be verified with the same direction.
He examined the diver's photos and verified that she had, in fact, seen a lionfish.
Every known fact in natural science was divined by the presentiment of somebody, before it was actually verified.
From the repressed memory traces it can be verified that they suffer no changes even in the longest periods.
The conception of speech-blunders here defended can be readily verified in the smallest details.
We have seen civil, human, and religious liberty verified and glorified.
The origin of the bananas could not be verified, so the reference has been removed.
The researchers verified their results by comparing the dinosaurs' growth rings to those of modern alligators and lizards.
The program further requires that the products and the product packaging state the verified flow rate in gpm.
If a signal was discovered, verified by scientific methodologies, and presented to the world public--it would be astounding.
The company does an independent survey and, if verified, targets these families as a producer group.
And the fact is immeasurably important, can it be verified.
There, he verified their claims and suggested some improvements they have since implemented.
But a start has been made with a few language pairs so that the scheme can be verified.
Residents were left to contemplate innumerable plausible rumors that could not be verified and yet would not fade away.
Through enormous effort this would be discovered and verified beyond doubt.
He came back outside with us, verified the typo, and showed it to a couple of other employees.
When possible, unusual spellings should be verified through a public official in the community in question.
Names are provided by the poster and are not verified.
The application is totally public, and information isn't being verified by anyone.
Using a simple model of the changes in fault property after an earthquake, the researchers verified the relationship.
Who cares if these claims have not been independently verified.
It must also publish independently verified reports on its social and environmental impact alongside its financial results.
Not every juicy detail in this book is necessarily correct, and few can be easily verified.
It is well past time that the calculations should be precisely explained in detail so they can be verified independently.
Science progresses as the work of one group is reproduced and verified by others.
We were out in less than an hour and had all the particulars correctly entered and verified with a print out that was handed.
Completion of academic degrees will also be verified through receipt of official transcripts.
Such objects have been long predicted but never verified.
And people are aware that it can't be verified, which opens the way to making any claim you want to make.
Of course the latest findings will probably need to be verified as well.
Today scientists suspect that some middens might be even older, but their ages can't be verified.
Moreover, the accuracy of dispersion models usually can't be verified.
Models can only be evaluated and calibrated against known and verified raw data.
If it works for people and has been tested and verified, it's medicine.
Theories get verified by making testable predictions.
No matter how established the theory is, nothing should be taken for granted, and everything should be verified.
Lewis says he's verified that these spider proteins are chemically integrated into the core of the fiber.
These simulator sessions also verified that the plane could handle the procedure under different wind conditions.
Must be independently verified by government or government certified testing facilities to get tax credits.
Information provided will be verified when redeeming a prize.
Chiropractors immediately challenged these findings, claiming that earlier studies had verified the safety of neck manipulation.
Only after a second miracle has been verified will she be canonized.

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Every known fact in natural science was divined by the presentiment of somebody, before it was actually verifiedmore
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