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To set aside the verdict of time in this respect is to be archaic.
The verdict of the country has been given on this question.
The verdict acquits the raven, but condemns the dove.
The verdict of the cab-rank was that he had had some sort of stroke.
The proper jury to render the verdict would be one of poets.
Instead history repeated itself, with a verdict that evidence remained inconclusive.
Only later did nations reach a verdict on whether it was acceptable to target a munitions factory next to a primary school.
The verdict would seem to be that there is some indication of chaos in some of the series that have been examined.
The chief public reaction to the verdict, which was not guilty by reason of insanity, was outrage.
The jury returned a unanimous verdict of not guilty.
But the cost of defense is high, and when doctors lose, the average jury verdict is half a million dollars.
The verdict is still out, but this development has spurred new research.
There has never been a court verdict about whether a copyright on a tattoo could be enforced.
Some theorists, myself among them, believe that the final verdict on string theory will not come from experiments at all.
However, unless direct physical evidence exists that unquestionably exonerates the convict, the verdict stands.
Despite the conviction, the protests against the verdict proved to be remarkably small, no doubt much to the government's relief.
But after angrily denouncing the verdict government supporters filed off too.
The floor is open for your questions and comments, and our final verdict depends on your votes.
Read on if you're interested in my verdict on a handful of your suggestions.
At midnight the verdict was announced in the courtroom.
Yet if a little skepticism as to the wisdom of the general contemporary verdict is wholesome, a complete skepticism is rash.
Though it would help to know whether the rancher and the cowboy are really obsolete, the verdict is not yet in.
By the same token, this is a good time to reconsider the hasty verdict of failure that many attached to this phantom movement.
The research can supply whatever verdict one favors.
He had heard it all his life, pronounced as a verdict of damnation.
They have been willing to wait until the combined verdict of science and religion should be declared.
For other comments on the verdict, you can hear from a lawyer-pilot and a sports-fan pilot.
Maybe, but that the zero jobs number isn't a final verdict on the labor market.
Many outside the courtroom demanded a verdict that day.
Overall verdict: some of this you can try at home and some of it you certainly should.
It's time for us all to have the courage to accept that verdict and find a way to limit the collateral damage.
Ones that have been tried to a verdict are extremely rare.
As the jury's verdict was read, the former governor pursed his lips and shook his head slightly.
The verdict must be in writing, signed by the foreperson, and must be read to the jury by the court clerk or the judge.
When you have reached a verdict, the foreperson will record your verdict on an official form.

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