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With any study at all one looks deep into a stunning complex of verbs.
The possible interactions and functions of these proteins are akin to verbs.
So verbs are typically listed in this form in the dictionary.
Suggest students keep a log of favorite verbs and that they use them to add impact to their writing.
Trust is transitory, but verbs are sometimes transitive.
Our future business will be conducted in a world made more of verbs than nouns.
He's got places to go, verbs to conjugate, a language to preserve.
Sentences that lack verbs and are only one word long.
Encourage them to use these vivid verbs in their own writing.
Essentially, it's understanding the verbs as well as the nouns.
Tenses of verbs tell the general time that action takes place.
It's a brainstorming app that lets you mix-and-match subjects and verbs until you get a good question.
Suggest students keep a log of favorite verbs and use them to add impact to their writing.
They look for verbs with great character and few characters.
Be sure to start the bullet points with active verbs.
Direct students to pick five of the verbs they find and draw pictures of air and wind in action.
Digital gods are distributed deities, verbs and modifiers rather than nouns.
As a simple test, transform the participles to verbs.
We go over commas and verbs and syntax and transitions, sentence by sentence and word by word.
Among verbs you might have thought had growth potential, increase is diminishing.
Have students find and circle five verbs in the story, then use each one in a different sentence.
Suddenly, the program starts marking the sentence as having two verbs and no subject.
There are quite a few other nouns that get turned into verbs and verbs that get turned into nouns as well.
These verbs refer to holding opinions or views that are based on evaluation.
Suppose we're interested in looking at past-tense verbs.
There's not much of a need for verbs or articles if you're hanging out in your apartment, shouting at the camera.
He is unable to complete a sentence with a proper noun, verbs and adjectives.
In current usage, all three verbs refer to fixing a misbehaving machine or system by switching it off and on again.
The prose is telegraphic: a scaffolding of nouns and verbs, a few load-bearing adverbs, and a near-absence of adjectival frippery.
While it's relatively simple for a computer to sort nouns from verbs, the nuances of language are slightly more challenging.
It's a confusing amalgam of symbols and verbs, a vernacular all of its own that isn't immediately accessible.
The former verbs imply a conscious volition which the experiment seems not to warrant.
For example, noun phrases are interpreted as program objects, and verbs are interpreted as functions.
We've taken out certain nouns, verbs, and phrases from the original cable to create a make-your-own-diplomacy adventure.
He liked concrete nouns and active verbs, and each paragraph was as solid as a brick.
Verbs are part, only part, of the voice of all the words.
Inactive verbs, generally deadly, here provide restraint.
Vices were distinguished from virtues, animals from plants, nouns from verbs.
The choice of verbs is revealing, suggesting possession, ownership.
Once you've got the infixes and the prefixes in your head, and the three-consonant root verbs you can construct any word you want.
There are abstractions about the nature of action which play a role in the same kind of way as nouns and verbs do.
Process, access, interface and many others started off as nouns and are now universally accepted as verbs.
They then had the subjects do different language tasks, such as thinking of verbs that go with nouns.
They should know how to use verb tenses more or less consistently and make their subjects and verbs agree.
Tasks should be recorded in the active voice, and be phrased in action verbs.
The teacher might pose some general questions about the argument or zoom in on some sentences, verbs, or commas.
Overblown verbs, explosive nouns, beautifully bungled prepositions.
They cannot write in complete sentences that include nouns, verbs, and properly spelled words.
It's also useful, when you speak, to emphasize nouns and verbs.
It would appear that all the verbs named after products actively describe a single task that you use the product for.
These lapses, you might dimly recall, have something to do with irregular verbs.
It's usually an adjective here, a noun there and a whole lot of verbs everywhere.

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